10 Reasons Jason Momoa Is The Perfect Aquaman (And 10 Actors Who Could’ve Done It Better

It’s hard to see Jason Momoa as anyone else other than Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones; it was the role that brought him back on top. But we were all surprised when he got the role of Aquaman because he looks nothing like the character from the comic books. It was probably time that they revamped the role because he wasn’t the most popular character from the DC Universe. In fact, a lot of people have made fun of him over the year. That may be a thing of the past now that he looks like such a badass now. There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense for Jason Momoa to play the part.

There are also a lot of people that disagree with the selection for Aquaman. Although it’s believed that Momoa was chosen to breathe a new life into the character, many believe that there were better-suited actors to play the role while still making the character credible. Fans thought sticking to the original source material would have been the best thing for the role. Check out these 10 reasons why Jason Momoa is the perfect Aquaman and 10 actors who should have been picked for the role.

20 Perfect: Jason Momoa Studied Marine Biology

We aren’t talking about just preparing for a role in the movie; Jason Momoa actually studied marine biology while he was in college. You couldn’t find a better person to play Aquaman than someone who knows all about marine life. He can’t actually communicate with marine life like his character does, but he comes pretty darn close to the real deal. In college, he eventually changed his major from marine biology to wildlife biology but he’s still a win in our books. Having some idea how the underwater world works can only work in his favor.

19 Liam McIntyre Would Have been a great choice

He’s handsome and fits the look of the original Aquaman to a tee. He’s also played in similar roles before. He starred in Spartacus: Vengeance and is being considered to be in Flash. He knows how to be a ruthless warrior and that’s exactly what they want for the role of Aquaman. The role itself was reimagined by Geoff Johns to remove the idea that Aquaman would be the last man picked for the team and made him one of the most brutal warriors out there. Liam McIntyre would have made the DC Universe proud.

18 Perfect: He’s A Badass

The one thing that Momoa has working for himself right now is that he has played a few badass characters already. Obviously, his role in Game of Thrones wins him a lot of points. He also played the lead in the remake of Conan the Barbarian, a role that Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous. It’s proven that he can play a badass character so it wouldn’t have been a stretch for them to see him taking on the role of Aquaman and rocking it out of the park.

17 Tom Hardy Is Always A Good Choice

The question is, could Tom Hardy pull off a character like Aquaman? He has played the villain before, we saw that in The Dark Knight franchise when he played the character of Bane. But he did prove that he can play a tough character and that’s what they were looking for in Aquaman. If Ben Affleck could pull off the role of Batman, then anything is possible. He knows how to be rugged and he knows how to play the tough roles, especially ones that require him to bulk up.

16 Perfect: Momoa Has Already Been A Warrior of the Sea

Jason Momoa played the character of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and Drago was the Khal of the Great Grass Sea. It sounds like he had plenty of experience already being a warrior of the sea. In the comics, Aquaman has often been called the King of the Seven Seas and that’s pretty darn close. It may have been meant to be for him to play this character. Believe it or not, but Momoa never wanted to act.

“Everyone thought I was crazy, but I wanted to write, direct, and produce movies. I didn’t want to act. That was the first thing I told my agent, and he kind of looked at me and was like, ‘all right.’

Now I do that a lot, and I love it. I love telling stories.”

15 Alexander Skarsgård Is Waiting

This guy is meant to be a Comic-Con attendee; seriously he would play the perfect superhero. The only thing more surprising is that he hasn’t already played one. Not only is he really good looking, but he would have fit right in with the original look of Aquaman. He’s already been a fan favorite as True Blood’s Eric Northman. He has a ton of female fans which studios love. It would definitely have been a worthwhile choice for the role.

14 Perfect: He Knows How it Feels to Not Fit In

Momoa can relate to Aquaman because like most superheroes, he also had a hard time fitting in as child. “I grew up in the Bridges of Madison County area, like one county over. I graduated with maybe 100 kids, all very much the same.

I stood out. I didn’t kind of do the same stuff. I was a bit of a skateboarder and I started rock climbing.

I love Iowa, but I just didn’t fit in. If you’re a Hawaiian kid in Iowa, you’re kind of a fish out of water.”

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13 Josh Holloway Can Go Deep

When Josh Holloway starred in the TV series Lost as Sawyer, we saw that he was capable of playing a dark and complex character. He’s also very fit. He was actually being considered for the role of X-Men’s Gambit when his fame was at its peak. He could easily play Aquaman because he has experience playing the anti-hero. He’s also older now than his character on Lost so he would be believable as a monarch. His fame has never been at the height of his Lost fame which surprised everyone. This would have been a great comeback movie for him.

12 Perfect: They Want A Grittier Character

One thing we have noticed is the gritty characterizations that DC has taken with their superheroes lately. There may be a dark direction for Aquaman and Momoa would be perfect for making that characterization believable. He has played the anti-hero before, so it wouldn’t be a strong leap for him to do the same. Momoa is no stranger to playing a complex character where the viewers only start to love him once they begin to understand him.

11 Sam Worthington Makes A Living From Wielding Swords

If the studios wanted to attract fans to Aquaman, picking Sam Worthington would have been a good way to go too. He has already been wielding swords for a while now, so he would have been a great choice. He may not have played the leading man yet, but admittedly, he’s a bankable star. When it comes to box-office movies, he’s a great choice to bring to the team. Comic fans love stars that have mass appeal because that’s the surefire way to make a movie a favorite.

10 Perfect: They Wanted Him to Make the Character Cool

It’s pretty well known that Aquaman has been a joke in the DC universe and the studio wanted to make things different this time. They hired Jason Momoa because they believed he would make the character cool again and we can totally see that happening. Some things had to be cut to make that happen though. “Yeah, I do still get the whole, ‘You talk to fish?’ Fans will come over and say, ‘You talk to fish?’ I’m like, “Wow, are we still doing that?” When we did that in Justice League, I’m like, ‘Don’t put this line in there. Because that’s all people are going to say. Do you want me to make him cool or not?’”

9 Garrett Hedlund Needs A Break

Garret Hedlund is an amazing actor and he has proved that throughout his career, but despite that, he hasn’t had the critical or financial acclaim that he deserves. He just needs the right film and it could catapult him to superstardom. He could certainly bring some youthfulness to the role of Aquaman and we think he would hit it out of the park. Many people might not see it but considering his performance in Four Brothers and Friday Night Lights, we think that he would be a shoe-in.

8 Perfect: Momoa Is At Home in the Water

Jason Momoa’s career started off in modelling, which is no big surprise. He did that as a teenager and was eventually cast as a lifeguard in Baywatch Hawaii. It didn’t turn out so well as the original, but it gave Momoa the experience of being in the water for long periods at a time. His role required him to do a lot of jet-skiing and swimming. “I feel like it’s an honor to represent my people, Hawaiians. I’m a brown half breed, and it’s pretty awesome. And this is the first thing my kids get to watch. I felt very loved.”

7 Jensen Ackles Should Be an A-Lister

Sometimes it’s awesome to get a TV show that has the stamina to keep you a working actor but the downside to a TV show that is on for close to ten years is that it’s easy to get typecast. The great thing about Jason Ackles is that he has a huge fanbase because of his Supernatural character but the show has also prevented him from taking on movie roles. All it would take is one blockbuster movie to shoot him to the A-list. That’s exactly what happened with Chris Pratt.

6 Perfect: He’s Strong and Conflicted

He’s definitely a strong character and that was something the creators were hoping for. “His name is Arthur Curry,” explained DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns.

“He is the son of a lighthouse keeper and the queen of Atlantis, and he starts to develop these powers. He can breathe underwater. He can communicate with sea life. He’s very strong.”

His mixed background also causes some conflicts for him. “He’s the only one who is both a human and he’s a god,” noted Momoa. “I want to seem him struggle with the fact that he has these powers and doesn’t know how to handle them. He hasn’t been trained.”

5 Jason Statham would have be the Perfect Choice, too

Not only does Jason Statham have the build to play the character, but he’s also got the same badass vibe that Jason Momoa does. If you saw him in the recent release of The Meg, he’s got “hero” written all over him. But he’s the kind of hero that doesn’t want to be a hero which makes it that much better to see him as one. He’s played the hero and the villain in movies and we could easily see him playing a little bit of both as Aquaman. We don’t even mind one bit if he was a bald Aquaman.

4 Charlie Hunnam Is the Anti-Hero

A lot of fans out there thought that Charlie Hunnam was going to be cast as Aquaman before Jason Momoa got the role. Aquaman needs to find respect once again with fans because no one takes the character seriously anymore. Hunnam, who played a complex anti-hero in Sons of Anarchy, is the kind of actor that would demand respect for the character. He’s leading-man material and he definitely has the physique for it. He has the experience and the original look to play the part.

3 Perfect: His upbringing 

Although the original Aquaman has blue eyes and blonde hair, it was interesting that they picked a Hawaiian to play the role. The great thing about that choice is that Hawaiians are known for their connection to the ocean. They were navigators that once explored long before the Europeans did. It’s not going to be the reason why the movie will be great, but it’s fun detail that hasn’t gone unnoticed. They took a leap of faith when it came to tweaking the character, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

2 Chris Pine Is Superhero Material

He’s already played in the Wonder Woman franchise and he’s also part of the Star Trek franchise. He knows how to be an action hero while also being totally relatable thanks to his sense of humor. He could have easily brought humor to the role the same way Jason Momoa does. He is also looking to be part of the new Wonder Woman 1984, though in a different way. “I am actually not really here right now,” Pine quipped when asked by moderator Aisha Tyler how he will re-emerge on the screen. “I’m just an aura of emotional support for my pals.”

1 Perfect: He’s Got the Look

He may not be a blue-eyed, blonde-haired guy, but he still totally fits the look. If we were able to eliminate who Aquaman was before and just thought of a savage warrior of the sea, we might just come up with Momoa all on our own. He has the kind of build we would expect, plus he’s 6’4” which is totally intimidating when you think of a superhero coming to right some wrongs.

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