10 nightmares you’re most likely to have when the clock goes back this weekend

This weekend, on Sunday October 25, the clocks go back – meaning most of us will get an hour extra in bed.

For many of us this will be one of the highlights of 2020 (which isn’t hard).

While it may be lovely to sleep in, the clock change can throw our sleeping patterns off, making it more likely to have disturbing dreams.

With this in mind, MatressNextDay has compiled a list of the nightmares you’re most likely to have this weekend.

And with nightmares on the rise, a sleeping expert has released exactly what these unpleasant dreams mean.

Below are the top 10 nightmares on the rise in the nation, which the company found by analysing Google searches.

1. Getting shot

Getting shot is the nightmare with the highest rise in search.

According to fear and phobia expert Lauren Roseberg the meaning of this dream depends on the outcome.

If you die from the shooting, it indicates you are being hurt by someone in your waking life.

If you survive, it could suggest you are passionate and fighting for something.

2. Being in a fire

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A nightmare where you’re in a fire can mean many things.

For example, if you’re unafraid of the fire, it could suggest you’re “on fire” with drive and creativity.

Meanwhile, if you are burned from the fire, the experts suggest it could mean you have a raging temper, and you’re “burning up inside”.

Alternatively, it could be trying to warn you against risky or dangerous activities of “playing with fire”.

3. Teeth falling out

Lee Chambers, an Environmental Psychologist reveals that this particular nightmare is often a sign of psychological stress.

He explained: “If you are under intense pressure, significantly worried about major life changes or neglecting your self-care, this dream can be extremely common.

“Whilst it is scary in the moment, it is likely a sign to look at your overall health and wellbeing.”

4. Seeing a ghost

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While this may seem like a scary thought, Lauren says it’s usually a subconscious expression that you’re suffering from grief or loss.

If the ghost is a deceased relative or loved one, it will feel distinctly different, and usually more positive.

5. Drowning

According to Lauren, this dream is often linked to a fear of losing yourself in some way.

It may feel like you’re “drowning” under the weight of emotions, and unable to handle or process them.

6. Being chased

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Being chased suggests you are avoiding a person or issue that needs attention, according to the dream expert.

The key to figuring out this dream is to focus on who or what is chasing you, and what the person or thing represents.

You may just be running away from your fears or something you feel uncomfortable addressing.

7. Being naked in public

This classic dream is linked to feeling embarrassed about something that other people don’t know about you, says the expert.

8. Being attacked

Being attacked in a nightmare is not usually about wanting to hurt yourself or others, but linked to your own unresolved internal conflict.

The experts suggest there is something in your life that you need to get rid of – such as a behaviour or belief you have outgrown.

9. Surrounded by bugs

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Dreaming about being surrounded by bugs is horrible but common.

It’s often a symbol of negative thoughts or feelings – such as guilt or anxiety.

These feelings may feel like they are haunting you, and metaphorically are crawling through your mind.

10. Getting lost

Getting lost is often linked to a situation in your life you are anxious about not finding your way, says Lauren.

But these dreams can help you find direction, the dream expert adds.

Or it can symbolise that you feel like you have lost an aspect of yourself.

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