Under-the-Bump Underwear Is the Pregnancy Staple Your Lingerie Drawer Is Missing

It’s common knowledge that as a pregnant belly expands, you’re able to see less and less from the bump down. But your line of vision isn’t the only thing shrinking. Suddenly there won’t be enough room for, well, roomy underwear anymore, either. In other words, there will come a time when your boy shorts, lady briefs and any other high-waisted pair of undies you own has to get pushed to the back of your delicates drawer to make way for under-the-bump underwear — aka panties that comfortably hang below the baby bulge. 

Unlike postpartum panties that aren’t always the most stylish undergarments you’ll ever own, a decent percentage of under-the-bump underwear still upholds a cuteness factor. Typically designed in styles such as bikinis or briefs, these low-rise alternatives to your pre-pregnancy lingerie are cut specifically for moms whose bodies continue to change as their baby grows. They’re stretchier, cradle widening hips and are a comfier fit all-around. Until the baby is out and your body feels a little more “normal,” we highly recommend you don’t even bother attempting to squeeze you and your growing little one into an old pair. Rather, invest in a few pairs of the best under-the-bump underwear instead. 

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1. Kindred Bravely Under the Bump Maternity Underwear

Although baby bumps come in all shapes and sizes, one thing’s for sure: they grow. Before your bump gets too big, invest in multiple pairs of under-the-bump underwear from Kindred Bravely because they’ll be the perfect fit throughout your entire pregnancy. They hang low at the waist but provide full coverage for your backside, and because they’re made from a combination of rayon and spandex, you’ll always feel comforted.

2. Suekaphin Women’s Maternity Panties

There are three types of underwear: basic, cutesy and sexy. Suekaphin’s eight-pack of maternity panties delivers all of the above. Expecting mamas can alternate between neutrals, bright colors and fun polka-dot patterns, or opt for packages of solely one of the styles (though we highly suggest switching it up). Each pair is low-cut at the waist and full coverage in the back, and can be worn during pregnancy as well as postpartum.

3. Intimate Portal Under the Bump Maternity Cradle Briefs

For all the lady-brief lovers out there, these Intimate Portal maternity panties are the pairs for you. Made from 95 percent refined cotton and 5 percent spandex, this type of under-the-bump underwear literally acts as a cradle for your nether regions. Low rise in front, full coverage in back, expecting moms will also greatly appreciate Intimate Portal’s extra-wide and stretchy leg openings that won’t dig into their thighs.

4. GIFTPOCKET Under Bump Maternity Undies

Who says baby items are the only precious thing about pregnancy? These pairs of under-the-bump underwear from GIFTPOCKET are so cute with their pastel colors, delicate designs and crossover detail at the waist. Plus, the panties are made from premium cotton for a super soft, skin-friendly wear you’ll appreciate when everything else about carrying a child starts to feel uncomfortable.

5. Cotton Whisper Bikini Brief Maternity Panty

The Cotton Whisper Bikini Brief combines the best of both types of underwear. When you combine comfy cotton with the low rise, U-shaped front cut and moderate back coverage, you get an extremely comfortable wear plus no wedgies or panty lines (translation: these pairs of under-the-bump underwear go completely undetected under any outfit). Cotton Whisper panties double as postpartum underwear, too, so you’ll get a ton of use out of these pieces from bump to baby.

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