Tori Spelling Recalls Her Difficult Pregnancy in Birthday Tribute to Son Finn: 'My Miracle Baby'

Tori Spelling celebrated the 9th birthday of her “warrior” son Finn by reflecting on his triumphant birth story.

“My Finney is 9 today…” the BH90210 star wrote on Instagram, sharing photos of her fourth child at different ages. “Everyone knows our journey together. He’s my miracle baby. We fought together for survival and he’s my warrior! The word manifestation was truly just a word to me till I watched first hand how what you truly fight for and believe in can be manifested. And, today he celebrates his 9th birthday.”

Spelling added, “Finn’s heart is ginormous and his soul is so beautiful. He was the first of my babies to get my brown eyes. We twin inside and out in so many ways. Except, I aspire to be the human he is. You are magical Finn Davey. And, never stop smiling and telling us Finn Facts. Love you with all my heart and soul.”

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The actress and her husband, Dean McDermott, welcomed Finn after a pregnancy complicated by placenta previa, when the woman’s placenta blocks the cervix, causing abnormal bleeding before and during delivery or pre-term birth. Spelling’s condition, diagnosed in her 20th week of pregnancy, was serious. “It was surreal,” Spelling told Us in an exclusive interview in 2012. “I just remember thinking, I can’t leave three children behind.” At the time, Spelling and McDermott shared son Liam, now 14, daughter Stella, 13, and daughter Hattie, 9, later welcoming son Beau, 4.

During her pregnancy with Finn, Spelling was placed on bed rest for four months until her 37th week of pregnancy, when she delivered Finn via C-section. Although the boy is healthy, the traumatic episode left Spelling with long-term anxiety. “….I’m actually more protective of Finn than I was of the other three,” she once told People. “Because of what Finn and I went through medically — it was a rough pregnancy — I may not consciously know it, but at home I’m usually behind him going, ‘Wha! Wha! Wha!’ And Dean is like, ‘Please stop gasping!’’”

Now, with the school season underway, Spelling’s emotions are aflutter. “My babies are so grown up…”, she wrote next to their Instagram portrait sharing some family firsts: teendom, two sets of braces, and — a moment seldom enjoyed by parents — the sweet relief of every child looking at the camera.

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