This Video of Kaavia James Diligently Practicing Her Dance Moves is Beyond Adorable

The video you didn’t know that you needed today is Kaavia James getting her dance moves down pat before a big recital.  The toddler can be seen practicing on her bed before the big day and then tucking herself in to go to sleep. We also get footage of Kaavia on the day of, which features the 3-year-old twirling around dressed as a flower and getting her groove on in other very cute, colorful costumes.

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This is far from the first time that we’ve been treated to Kaavia’s dance moves. Union shared snippets of her daughter dancing to Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion poolside back in 2020, floaties firmly attached to her arms. “Happy Father’s Day. Turn Up!! @kaaviajames man…@theestallion @beyonce,” Union captioned the video.

Kaavia, otherwise known as #ShadyBaby on Instagram, has been grooving to tunes ever since she could walk, including that one time she listened to Reggaeton and had a dance party with Union and Wade.

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Kaavia isn’t just a performer. She’s a full-on businesswoman. The toddler recently paired up with Union and Wade to create her own collection for the kids clothing store Janie and Jack — and you better believe she’s holding court when it comes to the big decisions.

“We call her ‘shady baby’ for a reason,” Union told InStyle this year. “She is quite opinionated — you’re never wondering what she’s thinking. We showed her everything that we saw, and let her feel the materials. There were things where she was like, ‘No,’ and we weren’t trying to force her into anything, so anything that she didn’t spark to, it’s not in the collection. Everything you see is Kaavia James. Not only inspired by, but approved by.”

We are so here for Kaavia as she explores her multitude of talents and taking careful notes as she goes!

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