This Extra Large Playpen Doubles As An Indoor Ball Pit & It’s Under $100 Today

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Kids love a good ball pit. Unfortunately, the ones you encounter in public places tend to be questionable at best. How many germs are lurking within the murky depths of those probably-never-sanitized balls? You watch your kid gleefully sink into the sea of plastic orbs, and try not to think about the pee or spit or heaven only knows what else they’re practically bathing in. Are you overdramatizing? Possibly, but the point is … you never know. No, buddy, don’t lick that!

But thanks to a brilliant invention, your toddler has a perfect (and decidedly less germ-infested) place to play, right in your own home. This extra large playpen doubles as a ball pit
— it even comes with 50 balls — to keep your little one occupied and safe. At 79″ x 63″ wide and 26″ tall, it offers plenty of room to have fun. Its frame is constructed with strong steel pipes that are covered and padded for softness and safety, and the sturdy, breathable mesh allows you to see your kiddo at all times. Suction cups on the bottom give it added stability, but it’s easy to move wherever you choose. There’s even a little flap on the side that unzips externally, so if you want to allow your older baby the freedom to go in and out, it’s an option … but they can’t open the flap themselves, which is a definite plus. And it’s easy to clean; just wipe it down with soap and a damp cloth to de-germ whenever you need to.

“Our son has been wild from birth,” says one rave reviewer. “Unlike his sister he is not content in a pack n play, swing, jumper or anywhere really. He wants to climb, mount and conquer everything in his way. When this play pen arrived our lives became substantially easier.”

“Plenty sturdy for such a lightweight pen. We’ve been using this for months now and we have zero complaints. Plenty of room for our little one to roll around and it has kept its shape even after countless hours of her leaning on the mesh sides,” reports another.

A note: while 50 balls sounds like a lot in theory, you can see from the photos that it isn’t really enough for the type of ball pit you’d find at a public play place. If you’re mainly using it as a play pen, that’s totally fine, but if you want a bigger, better ball pit experience, you can buy a pack of 100 extra balls
. They’re free of BPA, DEHP, and phthalates, and crush-proof — and they come in 7 different color schemes.

Whether you’re giving your toddler an at-home ball pit experience or just using it as a spacious play pen for room to wander, you’ll get a lot more done when they’re safely occupied. And we love some extra time to do mom things.


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