These Safety Wall Mirrors Are a Game Changer for Backing Out of the Driveway

If anyone could have just one wish (aside from more sleep and having a personal chef), there’s a good chance you’d would wish for eyes on the back of your head for a little more assistance in life whether it’s backing out of the garage or managing a small gift shop on your own. The solution? A safety wall mirror, so you can easily see if there’s another car or someone behind you before you back out or get a full view of a room when you’re alone.

Whether you need more visibility inside or outside, a safety wall mirror will help you see those pesky blind spots. Aside from using it by your garage so you can safely back out, one of these mirrors can also be used in an office, so you can get a full scope of the room or if you’re a business owner, it’s a great way to keep eyes on all corners of your shop while you’re in one spot. Below, we’ve rounded up the best safety wall mirrors for your peace of mind and safety.

1. Adjustable Convex Mirror

This safety wall mirror features an adjustable convex mirror, so you can get a custom snapshot. It’s best to use as a driveway assistant when you’re backing up. It’s like having someone personally directing you where and when to go. It provides a crystal clear view, so you can see blind spots with ease and setup is a breeze. Best of all, it boasts a weather-resistant mirror, so it can withstand harsh outdoor elements.

2. Vision Metalizers Mirror

If you’re looking for a safety wall mirror for your office or inside your garage, this shatterproof option is a perfect pick. This acrylic mirror has an injection molded plastic backboard for maximum safety and elevated appearance. The bubbled mirror is 20 percent brighter than glass, so you can see better in a dark parking garage or warehouse or at night. The kit includes a swivel mount for more targeted positioning where you need it most. The 160-degree angle offers a wider view to help you keep an eye on cubicles in the office or back up out of a narrow driveway with ease.

3. Acrylic Mirror Sheet

If you’re looking for something that’s not so bulky, this safety wall mirror is just what you need. This smart version is an adhesive sheet, so it’s ultra thin and won’t stick out like a sore thumb. It’s made of acrylic material that’s shatterproof and has rounded corners, so it’s significantly more safe than mirrors. If you have little ones around, this is the safest option. It’s also lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about a cumbersome setup experience.

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