Surface Laptop Go: One Computer For Whole Family

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That’s right. It’s one computer for the whole family! Yes, I said it.

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I’m not sure I ever thought I’d see the day in which we all need computers for so many aspects of our busy lives! It’s school and work, and way more than that. It’s also online piano lessons, video chats with classmates, improv classes, sci-fi classes, messaging grandparents, managing email, and so much more! And as a busy mama helping to guide my older two through their computer journeys, while also nurturing my own two careers — writing and photography — I know the importance of reliable technology. Oh, I feel that so deeply! And Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go is all of that and more for my family. It’s the central computer of this growing family, and the reason we can help and understand each other’s school and career work journeys.

Not only can I help log my kids into their classes, but they can understand MY work!

That’s right – my kids are at those wonderful ages in which they can appreciate my photography and writing, and can also scroll through our family photos and take and add their photos too.

Surface Laptop Go: One Computer For The Whole Family:


When the kids first started remote learning, they were given school-issued computers. I have to confess I couldn’t figure out their computers. This led to frustrating meltdowns, sometimes with tears, and the kids not getting to classes on time. I had a desktop computer I could have them use, but on the occasion I had prenatal appointments or my own work, it was always complicated to set them up on that computer. We had no computer fluency! And it’s not just school and work on our computers these days. It’s online piano lessons and improv classes, video chats with grandparents and friends, and hobbies as well! Scarlet loves to write stories and use Office 365. She’s been learning to use Word. I use Office 365 as well — I pretty much live on Excel and PowerPoint for both of my jobs! The Surface Laptop Go can do it all for all of us. We need reliable technology so that the kids can do their school work, I can do my blog and photography work, and we can all support and help each other while doing so. Some awesome examples of ways we all benefit from the Surface Laptop Go are extensive! We can create and deliver both school and work presentations, for one. The computer has long battery life, for another, since we have long work and school days. There’s also the comfort! The full-size keyboard has a large, precision trackpad we can all use.


The computer is completely portable, as it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. That way we can all use it on the coffee table or dining room table, but we can also use it while standing at the counter (I create recipes for work), and the kids can carry it to their bedrooms for online classes, schoolwork, or chats with friends. Cassidy can even bring it to his office if need be.


The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is thin, as it’s the lightest surface laptop ever! And it comes in three colors: Sandstone, Ice Blue, and Platinum. I have Sandstone, which is GORGEOUS. The touchscreen allows us to navigate, scroll, and browse through work and school documents, and websites we use. We can also gather together and stream shows and movies, which is awesome! Everything looks so vivid and beautiful on the screen. I love the look of a new screen, and it inspires me to keep the computer clean. When you have a gorgeous computer, you all take care of it! The screen is so vibrant, and perfect for my photos and the kids’ video meetings.

Working Remote Perks:

I absolutely have to talk more about the touchscreen! I love being able to use it to swipe through all of my photos. My photo shoots can yield up to 200 photos in a session. It’s awesome to be able to swipe through photos easily, and eventually, to be able to show clients their photos that way. For some of my freelance work, I work heavily in Microsoft Word and Excel – with the touchscreen, I can pinch, zoom, tap, swipe, and scroll through data. It’s like how you do it on a smartphone, but on a bigger screen with much more capabilities. The computer also has up to 13* hours of battery life, an HD camera, and a Studio Mic. It’s got so much going for it, and is such a joy to use every day!

Getting to know how to use a new computer can be daunting, but this process was quick and easy. Within moments after unboxing the new Surface Laptop Go, I knew it was a win. We were all set up and talking about the versatility of the computer, and how we had something we could all use. There are so many times in which I’m nursing the baby or on a work call, and I need my kids to be there for each other. That’s one of the best parts of having an eight and 11-year-old – they’re still kids, but are learning independent skills. I love that if Des has a computer problem or question, he can ask Scarlet, and vice versa. Right now, distance learning and distance working are here to stay, and I’m happy to have something reliable and helpful for ALL.

*Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage and other factors.

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