Sterling Mahomes Was the Perfect Disney Princess On Her First Trip to the Happiest Place on Earth

Where did the Mahomes family go after Patrick Mahomes’ and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win? To Disneyland, of course! It’s a tale as old as time (song as old as rhyme) to trade in the helmets for Mickey ears after the big game.

“Welcome to the happiest place on earth, Bronze and Sterling! ❤️” Patrick and Brittany Mahomes said in an Instagram post. From the moment they touched down in Anaheim, Brittany captured all the trip’s sweetest moments on her Instagram stories. And not only did fans get their first look at Bronze’s face (which they’ve waited more than two months for), they got to see Sterling living her best life.

The young princess-in-training was a non-sleeping beauty, going two days without naps (Super Bowl?) to get the most out of her time at the theme park. First order of business? Getting a lay of the land. Sterling cruised around the park wearing a red Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, and ruffly red socks with her curls tucked back with Minnie Mouse ears.

Then the happy mom and her mini-me — who are known for their sideline style and sweet snuggles — spun around on a ride, and Sterling flashed the cutest little toothy grin.

The tired toddler then “got her makeup done” (read: a clean makeup brush was lightly swiped across her face), like any glamorous princess would. She sat in a director’s chair and looks totally blissed out, ready to fall asleep at any moment. Let’s not forget, this little icon was running a no-nap marathon. We can relate!

Soon after, Brittany said the delirium settled in, and she showed her little one wobbling around the private jet wearing an ingenious bib-apron hybrid (aka a “bapron”) and eating a snack.

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“Meanwhile, Bronze got no idea what’s going on, what day it is or what time it is, but he says hello world,” Brittany said below a picture of Patrick holding Bronze and posing with Mickey and Minnie.

We bet he will be giving off real Simba vibes on his next trip. Afterall, if his sister is a Disney princess, how could he possibly wait to be king?

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