Snow Toys for Kids That'll Make Outside Activities a Blast — Even at the Beach

Nothing puts a smile on your child’s face (and let’s be honest, yours) when the first snowfall happens to initiate the start of the magical winter season or even when surprise snow makes a guest appearance when you least expect it. Regardless of when it happens, it’s a good excuse to head outside to your lawn and make some good old snow angels to spend some quality time with family and make memories to last a lifetime. Aside from snow angels, there are so many fun ways to have fun in the snow (or even use them in the sand at the beach) with the help of some genius snow toys for kids.

When deciding on which snow toys for kids to add to your winter wonderland rotation, there are a few no-brainers to have on hand. If you don’t have a something basic that turns snow into buildable bricks, you’re missing out on hours of fun, and it will also let your little one’s inner architect shine. You can also never have enough shovels and buckets to build creative snow castles, and what’s winter without a snowman? Below, we’ve rounded up the best snow toys for kids for endless outdoor entertainment.

1. Fun Little Toys

The more, the merrier when it comes to keeping busy and having fun outside in the snow. This kit of snow toys for kids includes 11 pieces for plenty of fun that will keep the party going. With gadgets and gizmos including snow molds to craft the perfect snowball for a friendly snowball fight to a snowman maker and shovels to create snow art, there’s no chance of hitting a boredom wall. All of these tools are kid-friendly and have easy-to-grip handles for little hands. Made of high-quality and durable plastic, these tools will last for years of snow fun.

2. Evelots Snowman Kit

What’s a snowfall without a friendly snowman to greet neighbors in the front yard? It’s one of the best snow toys for kids because it simply will never go out of style — it’s always a classic and makes for a treasured childhood memory. This complete snowman kit includes 16 pieces to get Frosty decked out from head-to-toe. From the iconic top hat to a carrot nose, all the essential pieces are in this set. You can also get two kits so your snowman has a companion to keep it company in the yard.

3. Sno-Brick Maker

One of the most basic — and essential — snow toys for kids to have at the ready is one of these handy tools to easily whip up artistic snow homes. This simple and easy-to-use tool is great for kids of all ages. Build massive snow mansions, igloos, or forts to protect yourself during a friendly snowball fight. This must-have tool is available in a range of colors that your little one will love, so you can get a variety in a rainbow of colors, which is sure to make smiles happen.

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