Shawn Johnson's 10-Month-Old Just Learned How to Give Slobbery But Sweet Kisses in an Adorable New Video

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Johnson has been sharing all of Jett’s sweet milestones on Instagram. In April, she posted footage of her little one taking his very first steps. The best part? Jett’s reaction when he walks. He’s beyond delighted and doesn’t even bat an eye when he tumbles. “He freaking did it and you can just feel how proud he is of himself,” Johnson captioned the video. “Jett James, mommy is so proud of you! #firststeps (and with his very own hype squad).”

While Johnson loves to post videos of Jett and her 2-year-old daughter Drew Hazel, she also keeps it very real about the unique challenges that come along with being a mom. “I feel like as a parent, it’s all foreign territory,” she told Parents in an interview last year. “And you just kind of have to learn the hard way with everything. I think for me and my husband, we just take things with a grain of salt and not to obsess too much on perfection.”

She also opened up about navigating the experience of being pregnant while having a toddler. “It’s definitely crazy. It makes pregnancy life a little bit more intense,” Johnson explained. “But we’re excited; we cannot wait for our little man to get here.”

Navigating pregnancy and parenting is insanely tricky but we love getting a glimpse of every exciting milestone along the way for Johnson!

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