Sharna Burgess's ‘TMI’ Post About Her Third Trimester Will Make You Feel Very Seen

Sharna Burgess is here to make you feel so much less alone. The mom-to-be opened up on Instagram about all the side effects of third trimester, from constipation to not being able to shave her legs, and we are very here for the realness.

Burgess, who is expecting a child with actor Brian Austin Green, shared a photo of herself at the gym, alongside the caption:  “I am rapidly leaving the cute fun stage and headed toward the ‘cut this thing out of me’ stage.” She went on to detail all of the frustrating things that are going on inside her body. “Excuse the TMI but WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK PREGNANCY CONSTIPATION,” Burgess wrote. “I genuinely thought I was going to hospital at one point.”

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Shaving, she wrote, was “lol” at this point. “Rapidly approaching the ‘I give up’ stage,” Burgess noted, with regards to that particular grooming routine. She compared her child to Bruce Lee for all of the kicking that was happening and added:  “If this kid is gonna pass 9lbs I’m scheduling a freaking C section FR otherwise RIP my vagina.”

Hilarity aside, Burgess also shared some thoughtful insight into the mom-shaming she’s been receiving for sharing her pregnancy journey online. “What I’ve found most interesting recently is the fact that so many women on here want to shame and harass and hardcore judge a pregnant woman,” she wrote. Burgess wondered why she’s being attacked — enjoyment? Validation?

She also has received some really lovely comments as well, from women who are “supportive and kind and offer advice in ways that are welcome and appreciated.” Three big cheers for that — we love to see moms supporting other moms!

“Women are amazing.. what we can do is amazing,” Burgess concluded. “Actually we are straight up f*cking miracles for what we can do, create and endure. I wish we praised that more often for each other rather than criticizing a woman learning and having a human experience.”

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