Serena Williams Reveals the Inspiration for Baby Adira’s Nursery & Why Daughter Olympia Is Not a Fan

Serena Williams welcomed Baby No. 2 last week with her husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Soon before little Adira’s birth, Williams posted a video on YouTube revealing her second daughter’s nursery. And while it’s possible there was no one more excited for little Adira’s arrival than her big sister Olympia, we see that some sibling drama might already brewing.

The video starts out with a “before” look at Adira’s room. Williams led viewers into the custom closet that she designed. “I just literally started sketching and sent it to the closet lady and she did it,” Williams said nonchalantly. Umm … does the 23-time Grand Slam champion secretly have some spot-on art skills and a pension for interior design too?

“This actually used to be Olympia’s room,” Williams said during the tour. “It was a playroom for her.”

That probably explains the mid-video sass from Williams’ 5-year-old. She walked in, looking angry and ignoring her mom. Dramatic music played over the scene as she rummaged through a bin, turned around, grabbed what was in her mom’s hands (wallpaper possibly), and tossed it nonchalantly yet defiantly on the bed. Oof! This must be a rude awakening for Olympia. Having a little sibling is all fun and games until it means giving up the room that once held your fun and games. It’ll take some time, but we’re sure Olympia will adjust. Based on the look on her face when she met her little sister, she may have already adjusted!

“I wanted to do a before and after,” Williams said, moving past the interruption. “Like we’re on HGTV or something … but this is YouTube.”

The video cut to the door handle has a “Shhh … baby sleeping” sign and we were already in love. The door then opened to show off the luxe nursery that truly looks fit for a queen. Because if we had to use one word to describe it, it would be “regal.”

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“I walked into @poppedoll @byselinabyfernando in the Netherlands and saw a baby bed that took my breath away,” Williams captioned her teaser video on Instagram. “I wanted to see if I could get something just like it, but in my own colors of course. Not knowing the gender, I wanted to do a neutral color, but not grey or yellow or brown. I wanted a something different. Red. They only had 6 weeks to make it …. And they delivered! I literally had Adira the next day! Thanks for making my nursery room dream come true ❤️”

The bed looks like it came out of a fairy tale. The back and sides have [what we hope are removable] red velvet cushions. A gold crown hangs from the wall above, and what looks like royal robes fall from it and are held on either side of the bed with gold holdbacks.

The rest of the room is clearly designed around that, with a red velvet changing table mat, red and white pillows with an “O” monogram, red velvet hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling, and red flowers trailing down the sides of the walls. And then there are the additional special touches: Battery-operated shades, floating shelves with baby books, and Nike kicks.

“What a lovely nursery!” a YouTube commenter said. “So peaceful and calming, and yay, none of that annoying ‘pink is for girls’ nonsense. The crown over the crib is a nice touch, to remind Adira that she’s a queen! Olympia is going to be an awesome little big sister too.”

“WOW! I never would have thought of red for a nursery but this works,” another chimed in. “It looks amazing.”

It really does. It’s such a beautiful place for baby Adira to grow up in, for Williams and Ohanian to rock her to sleep (hopefully!) in, and for Olympia to play with her in. We promise this isn’t the end of playtime, girlfriend!

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