Parents of Kids With Sensory Issues Are Loving This Brush-On Sunscreen & We're Stocking Up for Labor Day

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The unofficial end of summer is this weekend *holds back sobs* and we are going to soak up every last bit of sunny season. So yes, we’ll be heading outdoors for some Vitamin D and R&R. Preferably to some swoon-worthy beach or pool, but you know what they say about Labor Day beggars…

And while the kiddos in our lives will be happy to play at a backyard barbecue and splash around in a kiddie pool, they will not be happy to let us apply sunscreen. But no matter how many times they stomp and sigh and do their best to squirm out of our grasp, we can’t give up the sun safety battle.

That’s why we’re always looking for sunscreens that make the whole process a little less painful for everyone involved, and we recently found one that does just that…literally. The BOB KIDS SPF 30 Brush-On Mineral Powder Sunscreen gets, ya know, brushed on. Instead of having to smear lotion in place while your kiddo tries to make a break for it, you can just dust it on with a powder brush. It’s so light and calming that some kids even lean into it. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, reef-friendly, and self-dispensing.

The BOB KIDS Brush-On Sunscreen is loved by more than 1.5 thousand Amazon shoppers, and it’s even a favorite for families with sensory issues.

“This stuff is fantastic!! It’s so lightweight but it really works!! My son and I both have sensory issues. Mine are around smells and his are around smells and the feeling of lotions on his face. [This] is PERFECT for us both! I’ve had several other moms ask about it and I’ve raved every time!…This allows us to be covered w/o smelling like awful fake flowers or fake coconut, lol! Plus, my son has started applying it to himself, and at the very least reminding me to apply it!”

“I love that it’s easy to apply to the kids’ faces. They don’t mind the application and just giggle a bit because it tickles a little. Also, it works well! No burned noses around here.”

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“My toddler doesn’t fight me anymore trying to protect him from the sun!! Easy to apply and gives wonderful protection!! Small enough to fit in my purse for easy reapplying!! Been using all summer and haven’t had one sunburn!”

“This is my go-to sunscreen for face/neck/shoulders all summer. Easy to apply, not greasy, and small to pack on the go. My kids have sensitive skin and this gave zero irritation. They wore it at the lake, in the pool, and at other full-sun events. Kept them protected! I did make sure to apply every couple of hours as directed. Spendy but SO WORTH IT.”

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