Sarah Levy Revealed Her ‘Peaceful’ Labor & Delivery Experience: ‘I Listened to Kacey Musgraves’

Childbirth gets a bed rep — for good reason, though, it can be so painful! — but it isn’t always a difficult experience. First-time mom Sarah Levy opened up about her labor and delivery experience with baby James Eugene, calling the whole thing “peaceful.”

“My labor and delivery was so peaceful and felt really relaxed,” the Schitt’s Creek actress told Babe Hatch. “I was able to connect with my husband and connect with our midwife and doctor. I listened to Kacey Musgraves. I’m so glad that’s what it was.”

How very Twla of her to have a peaceful labor, where she got to enjoy music and give birth. Although I definitely would call any of my childbirth experiences “peaceful,” I love that it was for her!

Levy welcomed baby James in July with husband Graham Outerbridge, and she was prepared for something much more difficult.

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“It’s funny because my husband and I started an online course and a series of videos about labor and delivery but we hadn’t gotten to the end yet, so I didn’t know what to expect,” she explained. “All I knew was what I saw on television and film – that it’s this extremely arduous process, where women are screaming and sweating and it’s chaos and mayhem in the delivery room. I was so pleasantly surprised.”

To be fair, chaos and mayhem does happen in the delivery room (I would know!), but it doesn’t happen that way for every birth, and it’s OK to celebrate that.

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She also felt very “in sync” with her husband during the experience. “Everyone asked him his plan and if he going to see what was going on,” she continued. “I know some husbands get all involved. He just kind of stayed up by my head and counted, and that was his job and he did a great job. It was really nice to have him up by me the whole time. We felt very in sync considering we were both going through two different things.”

Aww! It’s so nice to have a supportive partner to help you breathe and stay focused on pushing through it all.

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So far, postpartum life with baby James has been great too. “I didn’t know what to expect postpartum,” Levy said. “I was kind of expecting the worst, just so that if it wasn’t great, I’d be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed. Actually, he’s been such a good baby. We’ve been so lucky in his temperament.”

Levy recently turned 36, and she shared a family photo of her smiling at her baby. She also posted a picture of her super cute cake, which said “Happy birthday Mom! Love James.”

“Most life-changing trip around the sun yet, 🎈” she wrote, which prompted several red hearts from her brother Dan Levy.

Levy seems to have a supportive family, including her dad Eugene Levy and her brother Dan.

She told the Babe Hatch, “My dad was incredibly touched that we named him James Eugene, and honestly, I could not imagine any other middle name for James. In my family we name people after middle names. It was just a nice way to honor my dad.”

Levy added that her family was excited to meet the baby. “Both my brother and dad were so excited to meet him,” she said. “They were both away and they planned on being home around the due date. So we had the week to ourselves in the very beginning before everyone descended. I was so excited to see my brother Dan with him. James is my parents’ first grandchild, too. It’s been a really incredible summer. It brought everyone even closer.”

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.


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