Rob Lowe's Son John Owen Praises Dad For Helping Him Battle Addiction: 'He Was Always There For Me'

As an actor and TV writer, it seems John Owen Lowe, the youngest son of Rob Lowe and his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, has learned plenty of lessons from dear old dad. The 26-year-old opened up to People about how his dad has helped support him through his battle with addiction, and why his ongoing love and encouragement has helped him maintain his sobriety for nearly three and a half years.

“When you consider what he went through in his 20s, his meteoric rise and some turbulence, and being in the public eye for decades… To come out a family man, a really, really good father, a really, really strong husband, and just a fun, kind guy to be around, that’s the day-to-day example he sets,” John Owen told the magazine of his strong relationship with his dad.

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It seems Lowe’s own battle with alcohol addiction in his younger years, as well as his well-publicized sex tape with a minor (and Lowe’s longstanding claim he didn’t know she was underage) and claims from nannies who alleged abuse and harassment on behalf of the actor, helped him become a better dad to his own children, which John Owen says was “majorly instrumental” in his own addiction struggles.

“He never gave up on me,” he told People of Lowe. “I have a little over three and a half years [of sobriety] now, but when I took my first-year chip, he and I spoke at a [12-step] meeting in front of 200 people. And it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.”

Lowe seems equally proud of his son, telling the magazine, “It’s one of the great gifts of my life to have Johnny in our [recovery] club, in our wonderful, f—ed-up, extraordinary club. To give him his one-year [sobriety] chip, and for him to give me my 30-year chip, it defies articulation.”

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