Pregnant Hilaria Baldwin Celebrates Daughter Carmen's 7th Birthday: 'Thank You for Making Me a Mommy'

"The gratitude is what is getting us through absolutely every single day," she continued. "We're so lucky in so many ways — number one, having our health, having our family, my family having their health."

"And you really just [have to say], 'Hey, we're gonna hunker down and we're gonna wait this out. We're gonna give time for all the experts and scientists and doctors to figure out what our next move needs to be. And in that time, we need to be patient and together,' " the pregnant star added.

Baldwin also said her children keep things interesting at home, always making her laugh and appreciate their quality time together.

"They make me laugh all the time, and I think that's really what you have to embrace with being a parent — especially being a parent to so many, and especially being a parent in the times of corona, because you just have to laugh," she said. "If you don't laugh, you cry. So I'm constantly trying to laugh."

"Romeo, right now, is all into [saying], 'I hate this.' I'm like, 'What other 2-year-old says "I hate this"?'" she joked. "I'll be like, 'Would you like such-and-such for dinner?' He's like, 'I hate this.' I'm like, 'How did you just turn 2?' But you know what? At least he's honest!"

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