Moms, You'll Relate to Lauren Akins' 'Struggle' With a Comb Stuck in Her Hair

Moms who give their children tasks to keep them busy will learn from Lauren Akins — the author and wife of country singer Thomas Rhett allowed her children to brush her hair while she fed the baby and you can imagine what happened next.

HELP. ME.,” Akins captioned a Monday Instagram video that showed a comb stuck in her hair. “…I am home alone with the four kids and three of the four are sick so the older two are not in school and while I was feeding the baby, I was going to let the older two brush my hair — well, I did let them brush my hair,” she said in the footage. “And they attempted to ‘curl it.’ I didn’t realize this is what they were doing.”

The mom, whose hair is tightly tangled in a comb, explained, “I really don’t want to cut my hair so if any moms have any suggestions, let me hear them.”

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Akins and Rhett share four daughters, Willa, 6, Ada, 4, Lennon, 1, and Lillie, 2 months.

Followers commented, “Conditioner and then leave it until it falls out,” “Coconut oil,” and “Cut the teeth off the comb.”

The last suggestion proved successful, as Akins shared on Tuesday. “Update from my mom diary this morning: FREEDOM!!!!” she captioned a new Instagram video with the disclaimer “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME” and gratitude for her mother-in-law and a friend for coming to her rescue.

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The post contained photos and videos of the step-by-step process to untangle Akins’ hair: Her friend snips off the comb’s teeth with a pair of scissors while Rhett’s mom is armed with a box cutter, just in case. Next, Akins lay down while resting her head on a cutting board as her friend takes a butcher knife to the comb. “The knot afterward is going to be gnarly,” she said, while her children played together in the background.

While the videos were painful to watch, we are happy that Akins has freed herself from this classic mom crisis.

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