Kristen Wiig Calls IVF the 'Most Difficult Time in My Life' Before Twins' Birth via Surrogate

Once they came around to the idea of surrogacy after the initial reservations, Wiig and Rothman, a filmmaker, "tried to keep the process private for as long as possible, because it is a very private thing."

"As private as I am and as sacred as this all is, what helped me was reading about other women who went through it and talking to those who have gone through IVF and fertility stuff," the Bridesmaids actress tells InStyle. "It can be the most isolating experience. But I'm trying to find that space where I can keep my privacy and also be there for someone else who may be going through it."

And even though she wishes she "had talked about it more and asked for more help," as there is "such a support system out there" for hopeful parents going through similar experiences, she notes that "overall it was a very beautiful thing" to welcome her children via surrogacy.

"Now that I'm on the other side, I wouldn't have had it any other way," Wiig says. "I've always believed that things happen the way they're supposed to happen, and this is how [our babies] were supposed to get here. I became really close with our surrogate, and it was her first time doing it so we kind of went through everything together. When the children were born, I wanted to make sure she was okay and she wanted to make sure I was okay."

"It was a lot of navigating through emotions and respecting that she had a connection with them and trying to be really honest about how I was feeling. Ultimately, I realized that I'm very fortunate," she adds. "I'm grateful. I'm a different person now."

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