Kirsten Dunst & Jesse Plemons’ Heard Of Their Oscar Nominations in Bed With Their Kids — & Their Reactions Are Priceless

When the Oscar nominations hit for 2022, everyone had a plethora of reactions. But nominees and engaged couple Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons had some adorable reactions to the news they were nominated. In true parenting mode, they found out while watching cartoons in bed with their kids.

On Feb. 8, Dunst and Plemons woke up to the news that they were both nominated for their roles in The Power of the Dog — a Western romance based around a rancher whose brother and wife surprisingly come to town. Both of them got nominations for Best Actor and Actress in a Supporting Role.

Dunst told USA Today that while they were watching cartoons with their kids in bed, and once they heard the news, they couldn’t help but scream and cry in excitement. “It was like I could release my joy more with Jesse’s nomination than my own, even, for some reason? I just can’t believe that we both got nominated together for the same movie. It sounds like an old-fashioned thing that wouldn’t happen now, you know what I mean?”

She added, “It feels amazing to have that as a family and for our families. Everyone is so excited… I think [our kids] freaked out a little bit because they were like, ‘Why is Mommy crying?’”

Dunst and Plemons got together after meeting on the set of Fargo back in 2016 and got engaged a year later. They share two sons together named Ennis, 3, and James, who was born back in May 2021.

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