Keke Palmer’s Baby Leo Is Back in His Grandpa Era & He’s Just as Grumpy & Sleepy

Keke Palmer’s baby boy is only 3 months old, but he’s an 80-year-old grandpa on the inside. Everything from his grumpy attitude to his old man ‘fit is unbelievably cute, and we are obsessed with his latest video.

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“Inner thoughts of Baby Leo ‘Less sing lady!!!’ the Big Boss star wrote on Instagram, along with a new episode of Palmer and Leo in his grandpa era role.

The video starts in Baby Leo’s room, as Palmer walks up to his bassinet in white overalls and a blue button-down shirt. “Ok, time for a nap now, little one,” she coos to her baby. “Shall I sing to you?”

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The camera cuts to Leo in a newsboy hat, sunglasses, an orange Hawaiian shirt, and khaki shorts. He’s just lying on his back in the bassinet, giving his mama a look.

“Oh lady, not today,” the voice of comedian Tony Baker dubs Leo’s innermost thoughts. Leo even does his part, turning and scrunching up his face, totally selling the fact that he does not want to be napping right now. “This is more for you than me,” he adds.

“I know you love when I just sing to you,” the Nope star adds, in the cheeriest mom voice ever. He responds, “I know you like when you sing.”

Palmer then breaks out in a rendition of “Leo, you’re my favorite boy,” and despite his protestations, he starts yawning. A few seconds later, he peeks one eye open and then closes it, realizing that his mama’s voice of an angel is exactly what he needed to get some shuteye. We can’t get over how cute he is!

  • He’s a Star

    Image Credit: Carol Lee Rose/FilmMagic

    Baby Leo, who Palmer shares with Darius Jackson, clearly has acting talent from his mama. Let’s be honest, he deserves his own show at this point. 

    Many fans agree, taking to the comments to praise this funny clip. 

    “the one eye open like ‘umm ok mamaaa u might have ya one’ when he was knocking out 😂😂😂🥰,” one person wrote. 

    “This need to be a regular skit 😂😂😂😂😂 tony and your hilarious jokes and adorable little Leo is ratings gold 😂😂😂,” another said. 

    Others commented on Palmer’s song. “Now I’m singing 🎶Leo you’re my favorite boy🎶 and my husband is like ….who??☠️” one person wrote, and same. 

    “Why did I start w a laugh n ended up in tears?!” someone else commented. Palmer has range, OK? 

  • Baby Leo’s an Old Man at Heart

    Image Credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

    Palmer often makes hilarious videos with her baby boy. Last week, Baby Leo wore tiny socks and sandals for another video with his mom, this time critiquing her choice of outfits. 

    “Baby Leo has to really HOLD BACK sometimes with Mama’s fashion sense,” she captioned the cute video. In it, Baby Leo wore the same orange Hawaiian shirt and cap, finishing the look with socks inside his sneakers like a perfect old man doll. So so cute! 

  • Keke Palmer Wrote a Lullaby for Her Baby

    Image Credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

    Of course, one of the best parts of Palmer’s video is hearing her beautiful song that she wrote for her son. 

    In an interview with Amazon Music in April 2023, she opened up about her new lullaby.

    “I do make him his own little songs, too,” Palmer said, before breaking into song.

    “Leo, you’re my favorite boy. Leo, you’re my pride and joy. Leo, there’s no one else that makes me feel the way you do,” she sings. “I’ve been around a long, long time. I’ve seen some things, I can’t define. But what I know, this love is real. There’s no one in this world that can ever make me feel like Leo.”

    She needs to record a lullaby album ASAP, because this is solid gold!

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