Katy Perry Recalls How Harry Styles Was a 'Complete Gentleman' After Learning She Was Pregnant

Perry chatted with Extra via Zoom video call in April, where the "Roar" hitmaker said she was "doing very well, all things considered" with the global health crisis.

"There's a lot to think of … I'm grateful that I'm not giving birth tomorrow," she admitted. "It's a one-day-at-a-time situation, always being open to the unknown and exploring options."

"Even though I can get highly annoyed by being quarantined with my family in close quarters — I'm used to jet-setting around and being really busy — now I feel we've laid a new foundation within our family, [that] there's a bond that's even stronger," Perry continued.

"We have some horrible days where I want to cry, but I believe when we look back at this, for myself, it will be this beautiful bond that we created," she said.

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