If Your Kid is Art-Obsessed, Today's Amazon Deals Will Let Their Creativity Shine

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From the first time they’re able to hold a pencil, squish some clay around (without trying to eat it), and dip those chubby little mitts into a pot of finger paint, kids love to be creative. Let’s be real, we’re kind of envious; it seems like the most creative we get these days is trying to piece together a meal with what’s left in the pantry. Remember what it was like to sit down with some paper and art supplies and let your imagination go wild?

Whether your little artist is the next Picasso or gets more paint on themselves than on their canvas, they’re reaping the benefits. When kids are allowed to create art, they are improving fine motor skills, learning self-expression, honing their concentration skills, and fostering creativity and innovative thinking. Talking about their masterpieces can help nurture those language and communication skills, too. And, hello, it keeps them busy … which any parent can appreciate.

If art supplies are your kid’s love language — or you want them to be! — we’ve got some Amazon finds that are going to help your mini-Michelangelo create something amazing. Or at least worthy of the front of the fridge.

Chalktastic Scented Markers

Oh, the nostalgia! Raise your hand if you can still smell those fruity scents. Scented markers, in our humble opinion, should be a part of every childhood — and these babies are the perfect medium for bringing that fun to your own kiddos. You get 38 washable scented markers in various sizes (thin, medium, and jumbo), plus a fun and funky carrying case that makes this absolutely ideal for travel.



Colorful Art Co. Face Paint Kit for Kids

Use this face paint kit for dress-up, Halloween looks, birthday party fun, or just to liven up a boring afternoon — the possibilities are endless! These water-based face paints are long-lasting, yet wash off easily with soap and water. Laboratory tested and nontoxic, the brilliant colors are bound to inspire.



Artlicious Chubby Wubby Kids’ Paintbrush Set

The perfect size for small hands, this paintbrush set comes with 20 brushes in a variety of colors, both flat-tipped and round-tipped for any kind of project your little one can imagine — and they’re easily washable, too.

Crafts 4 ALL Fine-Tipped Fabric Markers

A mess-free and easier to handle alternative to paints, these vibrantly colored fabric markers will allow your designer-in-the-making to jazz up every type of fabric from T-shirts to tote bags. Imagine the pride they’ll feel wearing their very own custom designed tee (or even shoes!).



In the words of the amazing Maya Angelou, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” There’s no better gift to give your kiddos than the opportunity to be inspired.

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