How Nancy Redd's Kids' Book Bedtime Bonnet Helped Her Daughter Love Her Hair: 'There's No Shame'

The Sweet Message Behind Thomas Rhett’s Bedtime Photo with Daughter Willa Gray

With her mom’s blessing, Redd is excited to share Bedtime Bonnet with others.

“I’m excited because my daughter went from being like, ‘Bonnets? My cartoon characters don’t wear a bonnet. Why would I wear a bonnet?’ To drawing bonnet fan art,” Redd says. “She’s so inspired by Nneka. She also wants to be an artist.”

She adds: “It’s very sweet. That’s the thing. That’s what representation is. When you see yourself, the world is possible.”

Bedtime Bonnet is published by Random House Books for Young Readers and is on sale now.

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