Hilaria Baldwin's Startling Photo of Her Daughter Reminds Us All That Parenting Accidents Happen

As a mom of six, Hilaria Baldwin knows that accidents are going to happen, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any less painful when they do take place.

Baldwin took to Instagram to share a startling photo of her and husband Alec Baldwin‘s 1-year-old daughter, Marilú (also known as Lucía), with a pretty gnarly black eye and a trademark wintertime crusty nose. In the caption, she wrote, “You’ll see this shiner for a while (and hopefully less of a runny nose…ugh this time of year).”

She continued to explain, “I was out with my oldest 4 yesterday and got that awful call that makes your heart sink, telling me Marilú had fallen and hit her face on a metal table leg. She’s ok, thank goodness…it was just scary and will be bruised for a while 😭”


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Baldwin has gotten candid about her kids’ accidents and injuries online before, which is a brave and admirable move in today’s judgmental society, but it’s also a poignant reminder that no parent is perfect, and sometimes, things just happen.

In April, she shared on Instagram that her son Rafael broke his arm while playing at the park. The mom wrote, “This is a part of being a parent that is so heartbreaking. We were with the babies when it happened and to get that call makes your heart sink. His little voice on the phone ‘I want my mommy’ …knowing even the 20 min to get to him is 20 min too long. To not be able to immediately take away their pain and fear…oooof nothing prepares us for this, right?”

We’re applauding Baldwin for normalizing the fact that accidents happen with kids, and while we of course don’t want to see our children hurt, things happen and we don’t need to feel debilitating shame and guilt over unfortunate instances — it’s more productive to focus on healing our littles back to full health.

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