Heidi Klum Got Very Real About This Classic Parenting Anxiety & We Completely Get It

Heidi Klum is going through a very relatable emotional rollercoaster after sending her 18-year-old daughter Leni off to college. The America’s Got Talent judge sat down with talk show host James Corden on Monday and revealed that Leni’s adulting journey has begun.

“It’s crazy, today she had her first day in college,” Klum said, per PEOPLE. “This weekend, she just moved in, and I call her. Normally she picks up, but then three, four hours I don’t hear anything. And already, my head is going ‘Where is she? What is she doing? Why is she not answering?’ Already the worrying is starting.”


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Klum admitted that she tried Leni “every two hours” and added that she’d like some back-up in case this happens again.  “Now I want the number of the roommate, so I can bug the roommate if she doesn’t pick up … And then I’m going to get the number from the neighbor,” she said. Yup, the anxiety is very, very real and unavoidable. At least all parents are in it together with this one.

The model and television host bid a bittersweet adieu to her daughter on Instagram, sending Leni all the well wishes on her new adventure. “Take flight, be safe and shine bright my @leniklum,” she wrote.

Leni is attending school in New York while continuing to pursue her blossoming career in fashion. Even though Klum is dealing with all the parenting butterflies, she’s also really excited for her teen as she steps out on her own. “I am [so proud]. You know, she has her head screwed on right,” Klum told ET earlier this month. “Right now, college is on top of the list. It’s not modeling and she’s really excited for that next chapter in her life.”

She added: “I think she’s going to have a good time, but my heart will be sad.”

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