Emma Roberts Shared the 'Horror Story' That is Trying to Work With a Toddler In Your Face

Scary stories always start on dark and stormy nights, but we’re more scared of sunny days. Specifically, the days when school is out for the summer and the kids have tons of energy to burn while you have to work from home — what could be more terrifying? Emma Roberts just shared the funniest video of a real life “horror story” (AKA, trying to get literally anything done while working with a toddler in your face), and we can’t get over how accurate it is!

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“American Horror Story: Bring your 2 year old to work,” the American Horror Story star jokingly wrote in a caption on Instagram.

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In the video, Roberts sits with her head in her hand as her 2-year-old son Rhodes puts his foot in her face. You can hear the sounds of Cocomelon in the background as he pushes her cheek up and down with his toes. She is just staring at the camera, lost in one of those “how-did-my-life-come-to-this” moments that parents know all too well. He pushes against her cheek repeatedly before letting his foot fall, and she just looks at the camera, sighs, and tries to smile through it. We feel you, mama!

Later, she turns the camera to show her son, fully stretched out, eating a snack, and watching videos on his iPad. Not a care in the world, despite the struggle he’s putting his mom through — again, so accurate.

  • Everyone Could Relate

    Image Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Variety via Getty Images

    Jonathan Scott, who is a “bonus dad” to girlfriend Zooey Deschanel’s kids Charlie, 6, and Elsie, 7, commented, “🤣 my life 🦶 🤨.” So true. 

    Lindsay Lohan, who is currently pregnant with her first baby with boyfriend Bader Shammas, wrote, “❤️❤️❤️.” 

    Halsey, who has an almost 2-year-old named Ender, commented, “This resonates so deeply with me hahaha.”

    Julia Fox, mom of 2-year-old Valentino, wrote, “Girl I made that mistake one time and NEVER again 🤦‍♀️.”

  • Emma Roberts Became a Mom in 2020

    Image Credit: Monica Schipper/Variety via Getty Images

    Robers shares Rhodes with ex-boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. The two welcomed their baby in Dec. 2020 and broke up in Jan. 2022. She started dating actor Cody John (pictured) in Aug. 2022. 

    In Dec. 2022, she shared a sweet birthday message for her son. “Happy Birthday to my angel boy Rhodes!!! I love you beyond! 2️⃣✳️❗️”

  • Scary Movies

    Image Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

    Working from home with a toddler is scary, but luckily, this Scream Queens star is used to horror. In fact, she starred in a thriller after her son was born. 

    She talked to The List in June 2022 about being cast as a new mom in Abandoned. “It was funny because my son was probably five or six months old when I read it, and they were scared to send it to me at first,” she explained. “They were like, ‘We don’t know how you’re going to feel about this, being a new mom. It might freak you out.’”

    Roberts went on, “But I read it, and I don’t mind a little haunting or that vibe. No, I thought it was a really well-told story. I don’t know. I would never let something get in the way of a well-told story.” 

    It also helped that she left the scary stuff on set. “I didn’t take it home with me,” she told The List. “And my son would come and have lunch with me every day. John [Gallagher Jr.] got to meet him. It was actually a really nice atmosphere on such a scary set, but we all were in North Carolina together every day in this house.”

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