I'm a hot nurse and patients ask me out all the time, sexy scrubs are my secret weapon | The Sun

A NURSE who was chatted by by patients has told how she even looked sexy in her scrubs.

Mum-of-three Allie Rae, 38, left her post at a neonatal intensive care unit in Massachusetts, USA three years ago.

But one of the unique aspects of her role was the surprising amount of men who wanted to take her out on dates.

She reckons it might have been down to the way she wore her work uniform.

Allie says: “I have always had a very fun flirty girl next door vibe to me.

“I am very easy to talk to and people usually open up to me fairly quickly.

“I didn't go out of my way to dress differently, but it was just my figure.

"My scrubs always looked very fitted and so I think that certainly stood out.

“I loved to buy the cute trendy scrubs, like the joggers. 

“Regular scrubs can be so boring and not cute.”

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Allie, who left after her employers found out she was on OnlyFans, adds: “I always felt like I was in pyjamas while working as a nurse.

"But when I was off work and going out, I would dress completely different.

“I think that would come as a shock to people when they would see me outside of work – simply because I was usually so covered up.

“I love mini skirts and cute crop tops, which were definitely not suitable for working as a nurse.”

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