Cynthia Nixon Says NYC School Drop-Off Is Like Playing 'Squid Game' Amid Pandemic

COVID-19 numbers are on the rise thanks to the Omicron variant, with 61.6 million positive cases and over 838,000 deaths in the U.S. In New York City alone, there has been a 31% positive rate over the last 7 days, with a total of 33,292 cases and at least 655 hospitalizations. This has led to attendance to plummet in NYC schools and teachers calling for a return to remote learning.

Witnessing this messy situation firsthand is Cynthia Nixon, mom of Samuel, 25, and Charles, 19, with ex Danny Mozes, and Max, 10, with wife Christine Marinoni, who currently attends public school in NYC. On Monday, the And Just Like That… actress tweeted about her experience dropping off Max at school, comparing it to Netflix’s popular series Squid Game, which is about a bloody competition.

“School drop-off every morning is like the Squid Game—every day fewer & fewer people & whoever is left gets herded into the cafeteria to play Russian roulette over lunch,” she wrote. “The many quarantining students & teachers today were joined by our principal himself who tested +”

Commenters were quick to sympathize with Nixon. One wrote, “Right there with you. Teachers are out so students work asynchronously in the auditorium.” Another said, “As a teacher, this frightens me. I am afraid that local districts are hoping for ‘herd immunity’ at the cost of losing staff and students just to satisfy the covid doubters.” Someone else wrote, “We had more attendance today of staff and students and I am honestly starting to think that people simply aren’t testing their kids because they need to go to work. And adults (teachers and other school workers) could be doing the same thing.”

It’s a challenging time to be a parent right now! We sympathize with Nixon and everyone else making the difficult decisions about schooling during the ongoing pandemic.

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