Chris Sullivan Introduces Newborn Son Bear: Fatherhood Is 'Like a Never-Ending Slumber Party'

This Is Us Star Chris Sullivan and Wife Rachel Expecting a Son: "We're Having Our First Baby!"

While she has "nothing to compare it to" since Bear is the couple's first child, Rachel says their son is a "great baby" who is "very communicative," in that "he tells us what he needs and then when we give it to him, he is quiet again."

"He's a good guy. He likes dancing. Eats a lot, rests a lot," Sullivan chimes in. "He's kicked off at three-hours stretches [of sleep] between feeds, which is a good chunk of time, and it's slowly getting longer and hopefully we'll continue in that direction."

As the actor and his wife had been social distancing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) global health crisis before Bear's arrival, "everything at our house already kind of felt surreal and like a time loop," he says.

"And now it just feels like a never-ending slumber party," Sullivan adds. "Every three hours, Rachel and I are getting up and checking in, and there's this little baby that needs tending to in one way or the other."

The couple is thankful for the "amazing support" of their community both during the pregnancy and after Bear's arrival, with Rachel telling PEOPLE that their friends have "set up a meal train for us so we don't have to worry about cooking dinner."

"We've been really buoyed by love and support and all of those things," she adds. "I think that's just so important when you're going through anything, but especially this. So that's something that has been really amazing to have. I wish that for anyone who's going through this, just to have such a supportive community."

"We have been so blessed at every stage of this process," Sullivan says. "Everything is going better than we ever could have hoped. I just feel very lucky for that. Rachel is recovering very well. Bear is as healthy as he could possibly be."

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