Brooke Shields Loves That Her Teen Daughters 'Celebrate Their Bodies In a Way That I Never Did'

After growing up feeling self-conscious about her looks, model Brooke Shields has finally learned to feel confident in her skin. However, her daughters are experiencing body positivity from a young age.

“They’re a very different generation,” Shields said in a Thursday interview with the Tamron Hall Show of her daughters, Rowan, 18, and Grier, 15, whom she shares with husband Chris Henchy. “I mean, they celebrate their bodies in a way that I never did.”

As a child, Shields tried to cover her body by wearing larger clothing. “You know, I was the pull your shirt down, wear a big dress, back out of rooms, you know, because I’ve always been more curvy, and I’ve never been skinny and, you know, and that sort of can set the precedent for your life,” she explained. “But I tell my daughters, it’s celebrating how unique we all are. And we focus immediately on the things we don’t like, and we forget to list out the things that we do love about ourselves, and that other people love about us.”

That’s such smart advice especially considering that children develop healthy self-esteem by focusing on their strengths, according to Nemours Children’s Health.

“As a mom, I want my daughters to know, listen, ‘I’m this age, but look at what I’ve done,’” said Shields. “’Look how far I’ve come just in having babies and, you know, keeping a marriage going, and just being a friend, being a sister, being all these things. And it’s not over.’”

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