Boston Celtics Player Jayson Tatum Reveals His Son Adorably Changed His Life Goal After Seeing This Hit Movie

Boston Celtics player Jayson Tatum’s son Deuce is such a big fan of this superhero that he wants to be him when he grows up!

On June 7, the basketball player tweeted his son Deuce’s adorable reaction to the hit film Spider Man: Across the Spiderverse. He said, “New spider man movie so good deuce told me ‘daddy I think I changed my mind I might want to be spider man when I grow up… but I still want to be you’ Good save son, good save!”

So as of right now, Deuce either wants to be his basketball player father or Spider-Man. Honestly, we love either option and totally understand why he’d want either path.

While this tweet adorably shows how much Deuce was allegedly moved by the fan-favorite film, a lot of fans don’t believe this happened. Not only did fans post a lot of side-eye memes, but many tweeted things like “He did not say this” and “We know this did not happen, buddy.”

So while fans are still debating if this happened, we still understand why so many kids want to be Spider-Man when they grow up.

Rewind to Dec 6, 2017, Tatum and his high school girlfriend Toriah Lachell welcomed their son Deuce, 5.

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In a rare, previous interview with People, he talked about how he wants to stay present throughout being a father to his son. “I just do what’s natural. I’m around him every day. I think being able to go through this journey together, because I was 19 when I got drafted, it’s kind of like we’re growing up together,” he said. “As he’s gotten older, I’m going through my career, sharing these moments, experiencing this together as we grow up. I think it’s the coolest part for me.”

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