Bobby Flay's Slow-Roasted Salmon Recipe Is a One-Pan Dinner That's Packed With Flavor & Nutrients

One-pan dinners are the best. Besides the fact that throwing a bunch of ingredients together just intensifies the flavor — amazing! — there’s also the added benefit of easy cleanup afterward. Bobby Flay just shared a new salmon recipe on the Food Network, and it’s packed with nutrients.

The Food Network chef shared his Slow-Roasted Salmon with Roasted Potatoes recipe on YouTube this week. In it, he highlights the benefits of salmon. 

“I think salmon has amazing properties,” Flay says in the video. “It has a lot of fat in it. Good fat — a lot of Omega-3s. And the only way to really take advantage of the salmon’s fat is to let it melt slowly.”

As Flay prepares his work station, he shows off the fresh ingredients he’s using for the recipe. These include Idaho potatoes, lemons, fresh herbs, and more. He recommends cooking it in “any kind of vessel that is oven safe.” 

He starts with thinly slicing the potatoes, perfect for roasting them. 

“This is a terrific fish dish when the weather is starting to turn a little bit, kinda early fall into a winter. So the potatoes can be a little bit hearty,” he adds. It would also taste so good on those chilly spring nights before the warmer weather settles in! 

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Flay also walks audiences through how to make your own mustard vinaigrette, which you’ll eventually pour over the salmon. Then he explains how the salmon will cook slowly for full flavor. 

“The salmon is going to cook really slowly…it’s going to transform,” he says. “It’s like this bright orange color, it’s going to become this pale orange color, and it’s because the fat that’s running all through the salmon, it’s going to melt really slowly and basically create this really silky piece of fish. To me, that’s the key to the whole thing. The texture of this is just amazing. It’s the best way, in my opinion, to eat salmon, and it’s really easy.” 

The final dinner looks absolutely delightful, and truly so simple to prepare. Your guests will be impressed with hardly any work from you!
Get Flay’s full Slow-Roasted Salmon with Roasted Potatoes recipe HERE.

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