Princess Kate may ditch go-to accessory for Coronation

According to a royal and style expert, Kate’s style has experienced some changes since becoming Princess after Queen Elizabeth’s death. Stylist Miranda Holder commented that as her future role as Queen Consort approaches, the Princess of Wales’s wardrobe has “become more formal and appropriate for her position”.

Kate, who will be Queen Consort after Camilla, still dons “immaculate” and “stylish” outfits but her looks have evolved, the expert claimed.

Miranda explained that her wardrobe has turned into a more “appropriate” style “to reflect this new phase in her royal life”.

This is something that will likely be seen at King Charles’s Coronation on May 6, when Kate will probably wear a “sophisticated and elegant” look and ditch one of her go-to accessories: the headband.

The fashion expert explained that headbands used to be one of Kate’s favourite accessories and she would often opt for the “fun” complement instead of the “more formal hat”.

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Kate has always been a fan of headbands or “hatbands”, “a less formal, prettier alternative to wearing a hat”.

However, since becoming Princess of Wales after Queen Elizabeth’s death, Kate has never been seen wearing a headband and the accessory has “no place in Kate’s wardrobe” anymore, the fashion expert claimed.

Miranda explained that this is because “the more flirtatious fancier accessories such as hatbands” are not as royal-appropriate as the “more imposing hats”.

Therefore, Kate will likely stick to a stylish hat for King Charles’s Coronation while donning “a more classic and elegant look, which will suit both her lovely figure and her future role as our Queen”.

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A fashion expert from Karen Millen agreed and explained that Kate used to be “quite partial to a luxe headband, or a ‘hatband’, for formal occasions” whether it was “to add some colour-coordination to her outfit or keep her hair from her face”.

However, her new role as Princess of Wales requires more traditional ensembles and less flamboyant accessories, the expert opined.

Similarly, Kate may opt for “minimal and tasteful jewellery” to pair her formal outfit at the Coronation.

Princess Beatrice, on the other hand, is a royal who will likely don a headband at King Charles’s Coronation.

The royal often chooses the accessory for official engagements as well as private events and she looks fabulous.

Miranda commented: “The Princess has a very soft, feminine style, which she expresses through pretty embellishments, floaty clothing and her trademark headbands or their more substantial relatives the ‘hatbands’.”

These “perfectly suit Beatrice’s style personality, which is romantic with a classic twist,” the expert opined.

King Charles’s Coronation, which will be held at Westminster Abbey on May 6, will be attended by the Royal Family and other royals from around the world.

The Prime Minister, representatives from the Houses of Parliament and heads of state are also expected to attend the state event.

It is still unknown whether or not Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex will be in attendance although an invitation has been sent.

King Charles III will be crowned alongside Camilla, Queen Consort in a ceremony conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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