Blue Ivy is Every Embarrassed Tween in a Cute Video With Dad Jay-Z

Nobody is immune from embarrassing parents — even if your mom and dad are some of the coolest people in Hollywood. At Game 5 of the NBA Finals last night, where the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics 104-94, Blue Ivy Carter, 10, was in the stands with her dad, Jay-Z. Blue Ivy — who looks just like mom Beyoncé’s mini-me! — went full-on tween mode during the game when her dad hugged and kissed her on camera. The moment was, luckily, captured on video, and it is so cute!

SportsCenter tweeted the moment last night with the caption: “Jay-Z is in the crowd with his daughter Blue Ivy. 🙌”

In the short clip, you can hear the announcer say, “Back with us in the bay and here at Chase Center tonight, 24-time Grammy Award winner, the one and only, Jay-Z!” As the announcement is being made, the “Empire State of Mind” rapper reaches over to put his arm around Blue Ivy, sporting the biggest grin on his face. He is so happy to share this moment with his daughter.

For her part, Blue Ivy looks totally embarrassed. She gives her dad a look as he wraps his arm around her, then she says something, smiles, and tries to take her dad’s hand away. Before letting go, he leans in for the biggest kiss on her cheek. As a parent, this moment is undeniably sweet. As a child, it’s mortifying! Blue Ivy responds to her dad’s affection by stoically looking away as any tween would do. Can’t a girl watch sports with her dad without being bombarded by PDA?!

The video quickly went viral, as parents everywhere could relate to the moment. “Lol her face is ‘stop embarrassing me dad,’” one person wrote. “Kids are kids no matter who their parents are…haha.” Another said, “Fathers job to embarrass the daughter love it.”

“To us: Jay Z, the all time rap legend,” tweeted Philip Lewis, editor at HuffPost. “To Blue Ivy: embarrassing dad.” No one can escape

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Jay-Z, who also shares twin Rumi and Sir, 5, also took Blue Ivy to the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles in February, when the Rams went head-to-head with the Bengals. At this event, he was in peak dad mode and couldn’t stop taking pictures of his gorgeous daughter.

Don’t worry Jay-Z, those tween years don’t last forever! Everyone knows teenagers never get embarrassed by their parents…right?

Celebrities — they’re just like us! Especially when it comes to embarrassing their kids.

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