Bekah Martinez and Boyfriend 'Wanted to Break Up a Million Times' After Conceiving Early on

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"Wanted to break up a million times. it sucked," she wrote. "I felt guilty for wanting to end the pregnancy initially. i worried my child's parents would hate each other. but we made it. and came out stronger than ever."

The Chatty Broads podcast co-host also shared how back-to-back pregnancies impacted her, noting that she plans to take a bit of a break before she welcomes any more new additions.

"It's nice to have *just* gone through the newborn stage and stuff last year because i feel used to it and prepared and i still have all the gear," Martinez continued. "And i'm hopeful they'll be super close with each other as they grow up together only a year apart :)"

"But MAMA needs a break," she said, "and it's not easy on your body or mental health to feel like you've been pregnant for like two years straight."

"I will be taking a break for a bit and will probably want to have a couple years in between future children rather than just 16 months!" the mother of two added.

Martinez said in another slide on her Instagram Story that she plans to try a new IUD as a form of birth control now since "the pull-out method doesn't seem to be the best for us 😂."

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