All the Sweet Ways Andy Cohen Is Helping Anderson Cooper Navigate First-Time Fatherhood

Hand-Me-Down Helper

After Cooper announced the arrival of his baby boy, Cohen revealed on his SiriusXM radio show that his nanny left to be a caregiver for Wyatt.

“We had long planned this transition, but I certainly didn’t expect it to happen during a quarantine, of course,” said Cohen. “So we had to really handle this hand-off from one home to the next very carefully, but we did, and she is now with Anderson and I know she’s gonna get Wyatt on a great sleep schedule just like she got Ben.”

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Friendship Goals

Cohen also expressed his excitement for his friend on his radio show.

“I’m so happy for Anderson,” Cohen said. “We’ve been talking about this for a long time and I have been really enjoying Anderson coming over. His visits with Ben have taken on a special significance since we both knew for a while that Anderson was planning on [becoming a dad] himself.”

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Built-In Besties

Later on the show, when describing their sons’ futures together, the radio host shared how he is also “so excited” for Ben and Wyatt “to grow up together and be friends and get to know each other,” adding, “It’s a great age difference for them to be pals, only one year. It was fun over this past year for Anderson to come over and for me to watch him with Ben and know that this would be his thing, and he was obviously paying attention to a lot.”

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Happy Tears

The Bravo star applauded Cooper’s “brilliant, brilliant announcement,” which he admitted “had me in a puddle of tears” as “you really have to jump through a lot of hoops to have a baby as a gay man.”

“He went through a lot, and I’m just so happy that his son is so beautiful and happy and healthy,” Cohen said. “I’ve already seen Anderson light up and open up in new ways. Like all homes that welcome a baby, his home is now full of the music of new life and family.”

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