17 Vibrant Autumn Baby Names to 'Fall' For

Is there any season more anticipated than fall? We get a much-needed reprieve from the scorching summer heat — and the cooler days mean we get to break out the cute sweaters, jackets, and boots. There’s pumpkin spice … well, everything. The green leaves give way to vibrant and gorgeous colors, making every forest a breathtaking masterpiece (“leaf peeping” is a thing for a reason!). We get football games and pumpkin patch visits, bonfires and hayrides, festivals and feasts. We get to look forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving (and all the baked goods). And if you’re looking forward to something extra-special this season — like a new baby! — you’ll want to check out this list of fall baby names for inspo.

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After all, what better way to honor your autumn-born babe than to find a baby name that encompasses all things fall? The names we’ve curated on this list are as pretty and unique as each individual leaf. You could just name your little one Autumn and be done with it, which is fine, but these names are a bit more creative. From the very subtle nods to more obvious tributes, these fall baby names will be an ideal way to show your deep love of your favorite season.

Ahead, jump into our list of autumn-inspired names like a giant pile of leaves (which, incidentally, is just another thing to love about this special season). We’re sure you’ll find one to “fall” for!


  • Blaze

    There are so many things about this name that epitomize fall: the blazing colors of the autumn leaves, the blazing vibrancy of the beautiful sunsets, the blaze of a bonfire. If you want a more subtle nod, spell it Blaise.

  • Sienna

    “Sienna” is actually an English word meaning a red-orange color, but its roots are said to lie in the Italian city of Siena, where the clay is that hue. It’s also a perfect fall baby name — what could be more of an autumn color than red-orange?

  • Ember

    A beautiful unisex choice, Ember brings to mind the wayward sparks of a warm bonfire swirling through crisp autumn air. 

  • Cortland

    Fall is prime apple-picking season — trips to the orchard are practically required! And since Cortland is an apple variety that ripens in mid to late autumn, it also makes a perfect name for fall babies. It actually works for any gender, too, as it isn’t far off from Courtney or Caitlyn.

  • Raven

    The glossy-black raven is known for its intelligence — in fact, in an intelligence test, their brainpower rivaled that of chimps and orangutans! But these birds aren’t just famous for their smarts. They’re widely associated with October (and specifically Halloween) thanks to Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling poem, “The Raven”. As a name, this dark-but-beautiful moniker is great for boys or girls.

  • Ginger

    Ginger is a quintessentially fall spice, which also makes it a quintessentially fall baby name. Just think of all the delicious goodies — sweet and savory — made with this warm and earthy spice! 

  • Jorah

    Jorah is an Old Testament Hebrew name — so what’s its connection to fall, you ask? There are several theories as to its meaning, but its most likely meaning is “rain”, and is mostly associated with harvest or autumn. This one’s a subtle nod and falls right in step with popular names like Jonah and Noah.

  • Hazel

    Hazel is a perfect fall baby name because of its hue: an autumnal mix of green, brown, and gold. It’s also the name of a tree which produces hazelnuts — responsible for deliciousness such as Nutella! — and has beautiful golden leaves in the fall. As a name, Hazel also fits in with the going trend of a vintage vibe.

  • Zeb

    Want a really subtle fall baby name for your little pumpkin? Try the short-and-sweet Zeb on for size! It’s the short form of the Hebrew name Zebulon, which has debated meanings; some say it means “exalted house” while other sources say it’s either “gift” or “sacrifice”. Anyway, what’s it have to do with autumn? There’s an heirloom jack-o-lantern pumpkin variety called Ol’ Zeb’s! 

  • Bruna

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Stemming from the Old German brun, meaning “brown”, Bruna is the perfect homage to one of the warmest fall hues. It’s also the female version of Bruno!

  • Ash

    Like Blaze, Ash is a great unisex nod to the coziness and camaraderie (and toasted marshmallows!) of a fall bonfire. If you want to pick something more formal and just use Ash as a nickname, you could go for Ashley or Ashton.

  • Maple

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    The maple tree is known for its gorgeous and vibrant fall foliage as much as for its delicious syrup and candy — which makes it an excellent choice for a fall baby name! If you think about it, Maple is not so different from Mabel, which is experiencing a resurgence in popularity these days.

  • Delen

    This is a modern Cornish word name — delen is actually the word for “leaf”, so it’s a not-so-obvious (well, unless you’re Cornish) nod to one of fall’s most famous features.

  • Rowan

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Derived from the Old Irish name Rúadán, meaning “red”, Rowan is perfect for any gender. According to Celtic myth, the rowan tree is known as the tree of life; in real life, it’s gorgeous year-round, but in autumn its foliage is especially vibrant and it produces fall berries.

  • Jack

    Meaning “God is gracious”, Jack is a derivative form of John. How, you ask? In medieval times, a nickname for John was Johnkin. Which then morphed into Jankin, which morphed into Jackin, which brings us to the modern-day Jack that has been a classic boy name for decades. And since the jack-o-lantern is ubiquitous in fall, it makes a perfect fall baby name as well.

  • Sage

    Sage is another nature name — although this one isn’t a tree, it’s an herb. And, more specifically, the herb that gives many of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes their signature flavor (stuffing, anyone?). Not to mention the word itself means “a wise person” … so it’s meaningful any time of year.

  • Scarlet

    The word “scarlet” means a vivid shade of red — one of autumn’s prettiest colors! If you want to make it less of a color and more of a name, you can spell it with a double-T at the end like Gone With the Wind‘s Scarlett O’Hara.

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