Stripper Tries Seducing Cop During Arrest Captured on Body Camera

Attempting to seduce a cop is one thing, but a stripper who getting busted for an alleged hit-and-run takes it to the next level — offering to pee on the officer, and telling him to Tase her because she “likes it kinky.”

Police body camera footage from the exotic dancer’s Ohio arrest shows her desperate attempts to flirt with the officer … calling him “handsome” and daring him to search her.

But, the cop doesn’t fall for it, and puts her in the back of his squad car. Apparently undaunted, the woman keeps laying it on thick, telling him … “I’ll piss in your face, only if you like it, though.”

Back at the station, she welcomes the use of force, declaring … “You wanna Tase me? Do it! I like it. I like it kinky.”

She proudly told cops she’s a stripper, and that she’d downed lots of tequila before driving, but when more officers show up to take her to a hospital … she starts melting down.

As the officers try getting her into a patrol car, she struggles and screams out … “You’re going to rape me! Stop trying to rape me!”

Prosecutors reportedly ended up charging her with operating a vehicle under the influence, assaulting a police officer, obstruction of official business and speeding.

Her bond was set at $10,000. That’s a lotta lap dances.

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