‘The battle with slugs!’ Gardening guru’s ‘barrier’ tip to prevent slugs eating plants

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Daisy Payne is a gardener who appears frequently on This Morning. She grows stunning veg and plants and inspires others to do the same.

Daisy talked slugs, explaining how she does “battle” with the slimy creatures.

“Ah, the battle with slugs!” Dasiy said.

She told Express.co.uk: “When I first started gardening I really couldn’t work out why everything I planted in my borders was getting nibbled and becoming non-existent.

“Well, that was thanks to slugs.”

However, Daisy had a clever trick to come to the rescue of her young plants and save her garden.

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“To prevent this, for all the new plants I put into borders, for example, I surround the young plant with a barrier of wool pellets,” she said.

“They’re an eco-friendly solution and it’s really cost-effective too.

“Alternatively, you can also use grit.

“If you’re putting new and young plants into your gardens at this time of year, make sure you’re protecting your plant babies from slugs or you’ll be wasting your time.”

How do wool pellets deter slugs?

Wool pellets deter slugs because the creatures do not like the texture of the wool to crawl over.

Slugs have fragile, mucusy underbellies and are very sensitive.

When slugs come across wool they will turn back to find their food elsewhere.

Not only is the wool good at deterring slugs, but it also is good for your plants.

The wool acts as a mulch, enriching and moistening the soil and suppressing weeds.

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How to use wool pellets

The pellets are used by laying them around your plants.

Then, water them.

They will expand and create a solid barrier around the plants.

Daisy posts her gardening tips on her Instagram account @gardentogarnish.

She also runs the Garden to Garnish Club, where budding gardeners can join for £39.99 a year and benefit from tutorials, events, and exclusive content.

Another gardening expert detailed her best method to kill slugs as warmer weather starts. 

Award-winning gardener Pollyanna Wilkinson uses nematodes in her garden to deter slugs.

She said: “Nematodes seems to be the only (nonchemical) thing that works for slugs.

“Even then, very wet summers such as last year can prove a battle.”

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