‘Sing to your houseplants!’ How the unusual old wives’ tale can help indoor plants thrive

Monty Don provides advice on watering houseplants

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Houseplants can transform a space and bring joy to someone’s life. But some indoor plants can be tricky to look after and sometimes frustrating for the owner. Stelrad looked into houseplants that are “virtually impossible for people to kill”. They also gave Express.co.uk their do’s and don’ts when it comes to caring for plants in a home – and perhaps surprisingly, one way for a plant to thrive is by singing or speaking to it.

Stelrad explained why it’s important to have houseplants: “Not only do plants enhance the overall appearance of a person’s home, but they can also boost a person’s mood according to recent studies. 

“This includes helping increase creativity, reducing stress and also eliminating air pollutants, so you will have cleaner air in your home. 

“This can make for a healthier and happier you.” 

When choosing a houseplant, there are several things to consider. 

The expert said: “When you are picking a houseplant, you need to consider how well you can look after it. 

“Research how much water and sunlight it needs, often the best plants for beginner plant owners are the ones that can be left alone and need just a little bit of love. 

“When it comes to actually picking a plant, don’t just pick the first one you come across. 

“If you are looking at foliage plants, for example, they should be lush and full and have a good colour about them. 

“If the stems look wilted or distorted, then don’t take this plant home with you.

“The stems and leaves should be firm and healthy-looking. 

“If you are choosing a flowering plant, don’t pick the ones that are in full bloom. 

“While they may look dramatic and colourful, they will often fade quickly and won’t last as long. 

“Instead, look for plants with numerous buds but with fewer blooms as these will generally last much longer,” they added. 

As for the basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to houseplants, Stelrad said: “Let’s start with the do’s first. 

“Plants won’t survive if you just randomly water them whenever you feel like it. You do need to read their requirements carefully. 

“Like people, every plant is different and needs to be looked after in different ways (from the special food they get, the water they need and if they need pruning from time to time). 

“This is why succulents are so popular because they can adapt to most environments.” 

They continued: “Remember to speak (or even sing) to your plants. This might sound like an old wives tale, but there is some truth behind it. 

“When we speak to them, we are exhaling carbon dioxide, which they will turn into oxygen. 

“By talking to them, we are helping them help us since they are removing carbon dioxide from the room and giving us some healthy oxygen.” 

As for the don’ts, the experts revealed: “Make sure you don’t overwater your plants. This is why you need to read their requirements first. 

“A lot of us are guilty of seeing a plant that we may have forgotten about and will just pour a load of water over it. But doing this might drown the plant. 

“You might find it better to water the plants from underneath, you can do this by putting a plate under the pot so the roots can suck the water right up.”

Stelrad’s top 10 houseplants that are impossible to kill: 

1. Money Tree

2. Panda Plant

3. Common Houseleek

4. Chinese Evergreen

5. Corn Plant

6. Peace Lily

7. Fern Arum

8. Aloe

9. Spider Plant

10. Pothos

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