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Jonathan Van Ness Says Co-Star Bobby Berk 'Queer-Eye'd' His Apartment

The Fab Five typically give other people tips on how to improve their lives, but sometimes they find themselves getting made over by one another.

Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye‘s resident grooming expert says that before he met the show’s interior designer, Bobby Berk, he was not the tidiest homemaker.

“Prior to Bobby being in my life I was a messy person,” Van Ness tells PEOPLE at an event promoting Smirnoff’s switch to non-GMO vodka in their signature No. 21 flavor. “I always had a chair in my bedroom just for me to throw a bunch of crap on. I don’t have that chair in my room anymore.”

“Bobby has definitely Queer Eye’d my apartment,” he added. “I’m much more organized. Bobby really taught me how, if your car and your apartment are messy, it’s actually bad for your nervous system.”

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Van Ness admitted that prior to his appearance on the show, he was often “disorganized” while getting ready and he felt frantic in the mornings.

“I used to be like 20 minutes late like everywhere I went,” he said. “Now I’m only like four minutes late everywhere I go, which is a marked improvement.”

However, Berk’s helpful tips don’t go unreciprocated. Van Ness also says he gives his costars grooming advice.

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“I singlehandedly saved [Bobby’s] hair,” he said. “He would tell you the same thing.”

And although the hairdresser admits he sometimes gets on Berk’s nerves because he’s a self-proclaimed “morning person” (“I have problems controlling the volume of my singing before 8 a.m.”), he feels lucky to have such a close friendship with his fellow Queer Eye cast members.

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“We really are blessed that we like each other so much,” Van Ness said. “It’s cute. It really is nice.”

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