‘It isn’t difficult’: Gardeners’ World Mark Lane shares planting hacks

Mark Lane shows viewers how to plant a tree for the Jubilee

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It is recommended that trees are planted when they’re dormant and so less likely to get damaged. Tree planting season runs between November and March, although it can stretch a bit longer in other parts of the UK. Mark Lane shared his top gardening tips when planting a tree on BBC’s Morning Live Show today.

Mark said: “This is what is called a sapling, a beautiful oak. It will be a big old tree.

“These leaves might look brown but this sapling is brimming with life inside.

“If you look closely at the stem you can see this slight discoloration and this is where you’re going to plant it.

“You then place that in the centre of a nice deep hole that you have dug and that discolouration will actually be at ground level.”

The gardening expert then said to start by filling the hole with the soil.

Mark said: “If you make a little bank all the way around, when you come to water it, then the water would just go down into the tree roots rather than just draining all the way down the hill.”

This can help avoid issues such as water-logging.

Mark continued: “Now that the sampling is securely planted, just give it a good water and then leave ti to the nature and the elements and this is going to get to about 30 or 40 metres tall.”

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Those who do not own a garden can just as easily grow trees.

Mark said: “If you don’t have a garden don’t worry as many trees can be grown in pots as well.

“All you need is some compost, your young tree sapling and a pot.”

Compost is crucial for the healthy growth of plants.

Mark added: “Ive already filled it [the pot] up partly with some compost.”

Plant pots need to have holes in the bottom to avoid water-logging.

Mark said: “Also please make sure you make some holes in the bottom of your pot because you obviously want it to be free draining.”

Plants a long time if their owners prune them correctly.

Mark added: “So this tree will last in this size pot for around about three maybe five years if you keep pruning it.”

He explained that gardeners want to plant it so that the roots are well within the soil down below.

Mark said: “Every now and then just give your sampling a little wiggle up and down to make sure the compost is going all the way round that lovely structure.

“When it is almost filled, give it a bit of a tap and that will make sure the soil is nice and compact. Give it a really good water and then you can put it outside.”

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