‘Humane’ solution to deter slugs from eating plants and entering homes

Clodagh McKenna reveals tip for getting rid of slugs

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Slugs are known for being one of the most difficult pests to deal with in British gardens. They often decimate crops, preferring brassicas, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce leaves. Slugs also have a penchant for ornamental plants such as hostas, delphiniums, dahlias, gerberas, sweet peas and tulips.

The UK’s current wet, soggy conditions are the perfect environment for slugs to thrive.

As the wet weather continues, more Britons are finding slugs invading their homes.

New research revealed there has been a 300 percent rise in searches for “how to keep slugs out of your house”.

So how can Britons keep slugs from invading homes and eating plants?

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Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon have shared their tips that will help keep slugs at bay this rainy season.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are a natural, cheap solution for many garden problems. Adding coffee grounds to soil can act as a fertiliser.

Coffee grounds are also rich in nutrients including nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

Another use for coffee grounds is deterring slugs. The experts said: “Slugs dislike the scent of coffee, so placing some coffee grounds at points where you think slugs may be getting in is a humane way to deter them.”

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Large amounts of caffeine is also toxic to slugs while smaller doses can slow them down.

Copper tape barrier

Copper can be used to deter slugs both from homes and from eating plants.

The experts said: “Place copper strips by entry points such as windows or doors to create a barrier which will stop slugs from coming in by giving them a mild electric shock.”

Copper rings can be placed around the bottom of pots to keep slugs away from vulnerable plants.

Copper tape can also be stuck around the rims of pots to shock slugs into keeping away from plants.

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The copper can also be put in beds and borders around plants, however, the copper needs to be buried otherwise the slugs could try and reach the plant from underneath.

Seal cracks and gaps

When it comes to homes, slugs can make their way in through the smallest of gaps under doors, through floors and even in windowsills.

To keep them out, the experts suggested using sealant to fill in any cracks and gaps.

They said: “Grab a couple of tubes of sealant and use it to fill in any cracks in the floor, baseboards, corners, windowsills, or even in the ceiling.

“If it is more challenging to get in, slugs are likely to move on to somewhere else, and you will prevent an initial invasion.”

Throw leftover food away

Slugs have a fantastic sense of smell so are attracted to leftovers if they’re in an accessible place.

Remove rubbish or leftover food near entry points to keep slugs at bay.

Clean up the garden

Masses of leaves, plant pots or rubbish in the garden are the perfect hiding spots for slugs.

Ensuring gardens are as well kept as possible means there’s less chance for slugs to be eating plants and making an appearance inside homes.

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