How to look after your lawn on holiday amid scorching heat – should you cut before you go?

How and when to use lawn feeds and treatments

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Looking after our lawns is a job all-year round, however, you can’t let your lawn care regime get in the way of a good holiday. Whether you’re going away for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your lawn doesn’t suffer while you’re away. Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, has revealed all.

Everyone’s entitled to a summer break, and the last thing you want to be worrying about is returning home to a dead lawn.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you still come back to a luscious lawn.

How to look after your garden while on holiday

Water is a must

It’s always best to check the weather forecast while you’re away, it’s not always accurate but it can give you a good idea of what measures you’ll need to put in place.

If a heatwave is due, your lawn will need to be watered, and for this you have two options; ask someone to pop by and water your lawn every few days, or set up a sprinkler system.]

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Don’t panic mow before you go

A common misconception is that you need to scalp your lawn before you go – this is not the case.

Instead, give your lawn a light cut the day before, and when you get home.

If you cut it too short, you will leave your grass even more vulnerable to the heat, which will be more damaging in the long run.

If you’re only away for a week or two, your lawn will cope just fine. Any more than that, however, we’d recommend getting in touch with a local lawn care company to come in and mow your lawn for you.”

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To fertilise or not to fertilise?

Fertilising might seem like a good idea before you go away as you might be worrying your lawn doesn’t have enough food to last, but it’s best to avoid this.

This is because fertilising your lawn will cause a growth spurt, which means it will need mowing much sooner than before.

It’s best to fertilise your lawn after your holiday, instead.

Don’t leave anything lying around

As you do one last check around the house to make sure all your electrical appliances are off, have a look in your garden to make sure you’ve left nothing on your lawn.

Leaving objects on your lawn for an extended period of time removes that area’s access to sunlight, resulting in a dead, yellow/brown patch of grass – better to avoid altogether than try to revive!

Back to reality

Once you’re back from your holiday, resume mowing as you normally would.

If you’ve noticed yellow patches of grass, water your lawn thoroughly and it’ll be back to its gorgeous green in no time.

Should you cut grass in hot weather?

It’s not a good idea to cut the grass when it is very hot. This can cause damage to your lawn, scorching the earth.

Grass provides shade to soil, which keeps it cool and moist – perfect conditions for more grass to grow.

When the grass has been cut, it can’t do that so effectively.

It’s better to mow the lawn when it’s cooler weather again.

Is it ok to water grass in the sun?

Some believe watering the grass in the sun can scorch grass, but according to horticulturist Linda Chalker-Scott, PhD, this is not the case.

If you water in hot weather, however, most of the water will evaporate, meaning it’s less efficient.

Therefore, the early morning is the best time to water the garden. If you do notice your plants or lawn struggling, however, don’t hesitate to water them.

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