Gardening expert shares five ‘gorgeous’ flowers to plant now for ‘winter colour’

Chris Bonnett, founder of GardeningExpress has shared some of the best flowers that will stand out throughout the colder months.

As the seasons change many will find the brightness from their spring and summer gardening begins to fade.

Your garden doesn’t have to look dull and empty throughout the autumn and winter. In fact, there are several plants you can add to your outdoor space to infuse colour and life back into it.

Opting for plants that withstand the colder conditions can help you create a garden that provides year-round interest.

Perennials, shrubs and ornamental grasses with blue, green and pink foliage all look strikingly gorgeous during the autumn and winter months.

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Not only will this make your garden look great but it can also help boost your mood in the colder and darker months. 

We’ve selected a range of plants that look phenomenal during autumn and require little maintenance.

Of course some plants like the Silver Queen Hebe may need some additional care and will benefit from having a layer of mulch applied to the soil to keep it warm. 

However, some of this will depend on where you live and what the winter conditions are like.

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Five plants for winter colour:

1. Silver Queen Hebe

This shrub is known for its gorgeous silver-grey foliage and purple flowers which are sometimes tinted with pink.

It’s generally hardy but if you live in a particular cold region consider applying a layer of mulch around the soil to insulate.

2. Patio Cyclamen 

This plant is great for autumn and winter. They’re adapted to thrive during the autumn and can withstand mild conditions. Their bright pink foliage brightens up any outdoor space and can also work great indoors too.

3. Vinca Ralph Shugert

Offering beautiful violet-blue blooms, this plant thrives in any conditions and can be placed anywhere in the garden. Not only can it tolerate cold temperatures, it’s also low maintenance and is very drought-tolerant.

4. Hardy Evergreen Photinia

These trees are great shrubs that provide all year round interest and can tolerate mild winter conditions. They look great by steps, paths and doorways with their striking green, pink and cream foliage. 

5. Festuca Glauca Blue Fescue

If you’re looking for a container plant then the Blue Fescue is perfect. This ornamental grass has an eye-catching blue-silver colour, grows in a neat and rounded shape and requires full sun. 

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