The top 10 foods that leave the most crumbs, according to parents

Crumbs! This quiz will test even the biggest snack connoisseur.

Can you correctly identify these snacks – purely from the mess left behind?

The ultra-close up images show flakes and detritus left over from ‘crumbtastic’ snacks like sausage rolls and granola bars, but it’s not always easy to guess which is which.

It comes after a league table of the crumbliest foods was compiled following a poll of 2,000 parents – and crusty bread came top.

Runners up in the messiest snacks leaderboard were revealed as sausage rolls, and Cadbury Flake.

Other fragmenting culprits include Weetabix, grated cheese, and croissants.

While cream crackers and Hobnobs are also likely to have mums and dads hurriedly vacuuming-up the aftermath.

The research was commissioned by Bosch, which also identified the biggest crumb hotspots – with the back of the couch, in the car, and in bed the most notorious.

And 55 percent of parents said they have discovered ‘mystery particles’ in parts of the house during a deep clean – with no idea what food they came from.

While 63 percent admitted they couldn’t tell you how long the crumbs have been there.

With 45 percent admitting the flakes have likely been behind the sofa for more than a year – although the same amount admit it’s not always the kids who dropped the crumbs.

Almost four in 10 (38 percent) revealed they’ve been guilty of spilling bits of food on the floor – vowing to vacuum it up later or hope their peckish pet dog scoffs them up.

As many as 46 percent feel food mess is a part of their daily lives, and 24 percent spend up to 10 minutes gathering crumbs a day.

But no food in the bedroom is a strict rule for 43 percent of parents, while 42 percent forbid snacking in the car.

It also emerged 22 percent feel embarrassed when their family makes a mess in public – or someone else’s house.

While 62 percent say overall, their family tends to be quite messy – both in and out of the home.

However, for 41 percent, cleaning up is oddly satisfying, and 36 percent reckon they have some of their best ideas when in scrub-mode.

While the study, carried out through OnePoll, found a third have cleaning to thank when it comes to procrastination – as it’s an easy job to get lost in.

Bosch commissioned the research to launch the Unlimited 7 Vacuum, which can reach narrow spaces, automatically adjust to different floor types, and has anti-hair wrap functionality.

Their spokesperson added: “We’ve all got an opinion on which foods cause the greatest cleaning chaos.

“The results might come as a surprise to some, while many parents may agree wholeheartedly!

“But despite the debate, it’s clear that the clean-up, regardless of the snack culprit, is something parents dread – even avoid in some cases.

“For those who don’t enjoy the cleaning element that comes with parenthood, following behind your family with a vacuum can be frustrating.

“We’re all about trying to make life simple, and since we know your family are highly unlikely to choose less crumbly foods, we’re here to make the clean-up easier for you.”

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