‘Ditch cold water’: The right conditions for houseplants to ‘breeze the rest of winter’

Gardeners' World: How to care for houseplants

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Houseplants are a low maintenance alternative to garden plants as they can withstand the changing temperatures of cold homes. Caring for indoor plants requires minimal effort, with their conditions and water intake being the most important factors when it comes to growing a strong and healthy plant. As the temperatures remain low, there are a few important care tips to note.

While houseplants are well protected from the harsh winter weather, the temperature of our homes during winter can wreak havoc on the growth of indoor plants.

Jo Lambell, founder of Beards & Daisies spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to share some winter care tips, specifically the “right” conditions for houseplants to “breeze the rest of winter”.

She said: “The days are getting brighter and it’s maybe feeling a teeny bit warmer, but as far as your houseplants are concerned, we’re still in the depths of winter. 

“Don’t be tempted to change your plant care routine just yet, follow these tips to make sure your plants breeze the rest of winter.”

When it comes to keeping indoor plants in the right temperature, it is hard to strike the right balance.

Jo said: “One minute all the radiators are on and windows are shut, the next it’s stifling hot and jumpers are being flung on the backs of chairs. 

“It’s hard to strike the right balance in these transitional months.

“Whether in an office or at home, both central heating vents and radiators generate dry air which can upset tropical plants which thrive in humid conditions. 

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“Make sure your plants are positioned away from them and consider additional ways of topping up their humidity needs.”

Misting plants frequently or grouping them together are great places to start.

Aside from their positioning, it is important to water plants only when necessary in winter.

Jo explained how their water consumption significantly decreases in winter, due to some going dormant.

She said: “A lot of houseplants go through a dormant period in winter, taking a well-earned rest after a summer of growing. 

“As their growth slows right down their watering needs are less.”

Jo shared how plant owners can decipher when their houseplant needs watering.

He explained: “As a general rule, only top up when the top two inches of soil feel dry to touch. 

“When you do hydrate them, ditch the cold water as this could shock them and use room temperature water instead.”

If the plant develops shock, it can kill them.

Jo also shared how lighting is important to the healthy growth of a houseplant.

She said: “As we start checking our clocks to see if we’ve got an extra five minutes of daylight each day, you might find your plants still need a little light booster in order to thrive. 

“Consider adding an LED growing light for a more concentrated hit of light.”

This can really help on the darkest of days.

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