Colby confesses to Ross’ murder in Home and Away twist?

Colby says he needs them to look after Bella (Courtney Miller) when he gets sent down, and Willow snaps, saying she refuses to let him tear their family apart. She walks out, and turns up at the school to look for Bella. A confused Bella is confronted with Willow saying they’re going on a girls’ trip, and is reluctant to leave. Willow lies to her, saying Colby is fine with it and the school knows what’s going on.

However, Colby receives a call from the school saying that Bella has gone missing, and when Dean can’t get through to Willow, he guesses what’s going on. Jasmine (Sam Frost) finds the girls first, and is suspicious about Willow’s strange behaviour. While she tries to get away, Colby and Dean find them, and Colby decides it’s time to come clean to Bella.

He sits her down and tells her the truth – Ross is dead, and he’s behind it. He did it for her, because he was trying to keep her safe. Bella is left terrified as she realises what Colby is saying. Her brother murdered her father. When she learns that Dean and Willow knew the truth, she’s horrified – everyone is a liar!

Finally putting the pieces together, Bella realises this is why Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer) left, and although Colby tells Bella he loves her, she tells him to go to hell….what will happen to their relationship now?

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