‘Biggest’ flower mistakes that could ‘chop a week off your bouquet’

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A bouquet of flowers is one of the most timeless and appreciated gifts one can receive that is sure to brighten up any home. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking after flowers. There is so much to remember and owners may perhaps be worried about doing the wrong thing and accidentally killing their flowers. In order to keep cut flowers fresh as a daisy without all the jargon, Eflorist’s award-winning in-house Florist David Denyer has shared seven flower care mistakes to avoid which could “chop a week off your bouquet’s life”.

1. Not changing the water 

When having fresh cut flowers on display their water needs to be checked regularly.

David claimed: “One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to looking after a bouquet of flowers is not changing the water regularly. 

“Flowers need fresh water every day. If not, bacteria can grow in the vase, causing the blooms to wilt and die faster.”

Be sure to replace the water and clean the vase every day to keep the bouquet “clean and healthy”.

2. Using water that is too warm

Some people may believe that placing fresh flowers in hot water can help them to absorb the liquid faster, but it can actually “harm your blooms”, according to the florist. 

He noted: “While it could make your buds open up more quickly, heat can damage cut stems, causing them to become weak and also encourage the growth of bacteria.”

Instead it is best for households to “always” use cool or room temperature water when filling their vase.

3. Putting flowers in direct sunlight

Flowers need a certain amount of light to survive, but they don’t do well in direct sunlight. 

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The expert warned: “The sun can cause your bouquet’s petals to dry out and wilt much faster than you’d like and also raise the temperature of the water in the vase.” 

While it is important to place a vase in a bright room, it is best to keep it away from direct sunlight.

4. Not trimming the stems

Another common mistake is not trimming the stems on flowers before adding them to a vase. 

David instructed: “When you receive a bouquet, make sure to give the stems a fresh cut, about one inch from the bottom and at a 45 degree angle, before putting them in the vase. This allows the flowers to take in more water and stay nourished for longer.”

Following this, trim the stems again every few days to help the flowers stay hydrated.

5. Using too much flower food

Flower food can be beneficial for bouquets, but just lie with water, too much of it “can actually harm your blooms”. 

The expert recommended: “Follow the instructions on the food packet that comes with your flowers and don’t use more than the recommended amount. Too much food can cause the flowers to wilt faster and even change colour.”

6. Placing flowers near fruit

Fruit emits a chemical called ethylene, which can cause flowers to “wilt faster than usual” and can even “cause petals to shed”. 

To avoid this, make sure to keep flowers away from fruit, particularly those that are more ripe, in order to keep a bouquet “fresher and more vibrant for longer”.

7. Overcrowding the vase

While it may be tempting to pack as many flowers as possible into a vase, overcrowding can harm them. 

David informed: “Flowers need space to breathe and absorb water so if you cram too many blooms into your vase, they may not be able to take in the water they need to stay hydrated. 

“If you have too many flowers to fit in your vase, split them into two bunches, and be sure to remove any leaves that sit below the waterline.”

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